Just popping in to say...

That I'm still very, very pregnant...pregnant and impatient.
(Hopefully you didn't think this was an announcement post and got all excited. My bad if you did.)

I would include an embarrassingly large photo of myself, but I've put a ban on any and all photos taken of me at this point forward. For future pregnancies, I think I'm going to start that rule a lot earlier. Say, week 30 or so.

Okay, for good measure here's one of just my belly on my due date. Stripes are super slimming, aren't they?

In case you're curious, I'm 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant this morning. Baby G is moving around a TON still, but definitely feeling more and more cramped in there - he or she hardly has the room to wind up and give me a good kick anymore. Not that I'm complaining about that, or anything, because my ribs are thankful, but it's just funny to see the difference.

I also officially can't see my ankle bones, no matter what time of day or night. The swelling is really horrifying. I guess I've always been somewhat vain about my feet and never knew it until just now - but looking down at my boats-instead-of-feet nowadays creeps me out. I will not submit you to the horror by adding a picture of my feet to this post. You probably wouldn't recognize them anyway, besides the little pig-like toes on the ends of them.

It's terrifying, really.

David and I have been trying to ignore the hormonal swings I'm experiencing, especially with emotions, and enjoy our last few days alone together. But the impatience makes that more difficult than I anticipated.

When I can't sleep, or have grown tired of trying things to induce labor, I'm dreaming of wearing normal buttoning pants, going outside in the heat without feeling like everything is melting off me, and drinking an ice cold margarita. I've gone crazy on Pinterest in my non-alcohol-drinking stage, and there are some winning drink recipes I've pinned lately like this Kiwi Blueberry Mojito that I'm itching to try.

I have a feeling this will be my last blog post before Baby G gets here, but I'm working on getting the rest of our engagement story written up and scheduled for the days I don't have time to blog in the next couple weeks.

Until then, have a lovely beginning of your summer, and pray for me!


  1. I pray you go into labor soon! Waiting is the pits. :( Best of luck!

  2. Hi -- found you on Erika's blog (stethoscopes, style and grace!)
    congrats -- baby is almost here...
    looking forward to reading more...


  3. Praying for you Hannah!! Your life is about to get so amazingly richer with that little ones arrival!!!! Praying all goes well and soon! Waiting is the worst

  4. I feel like I'm on baby alert... I know about 3 people all due around now so I keep checking your blog and FB and everything else for baby updates!! Praying for you and little one!

  5. Ahhh! I can't wait any longer! Praying for a safe and SOON labor!!!!!!!

    And when it's all over, you'll need to have an extra mojito for me, too ;)


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