[Pre] Mother's Day Wish List

I consider myself 1/2 of a mom right now. Of course I've been carrying this bebe around for the past nine months, but I feel like I'll get to 100% once I go through labor and can hold this baby in my arms.

However, just because I don't feel up to 100% yet doesn't mean I can't make a Mother's Day wish list right? (Hint hint, David!) So behold, a random conglomeration of all the things I'd love as gifts for Mother's Day - and things you should add to your own wish list.

1. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7"
I've posted this as part of a wish list on the blog before, but that's only because I'm finding more and more reasons to want one. I've made a list of library books I want to rent/download, and the reduced price of Kindle books like Jen's Something Other Than God makes me start drooling over one even more. It's kind of an expensive gift but if y'all have had a good year it's not a bad idea.

2. Nanette Lepore Swimsuit
Offered by Anthropologie, again this doesn't really qualify as an affordable gift. I guess I have expensive taste...which is a shame right now. But excuse me as I drool over its beauty! I love the beading and the details and the fact that it's sort of Egyptian-goddess-meets-tribal-pattern lovely.

3. Cabana Striped Canvas Carryall
I'm a huuuuge sucker for Target trends, and this bag fits that bill quite nicely. I'm imagining using it as a sort of extra diaper bag when baby gets here, but one that can easily transition to non-baby things when necessary. At only $35, what's not to love?

4. Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Can you tell this almost-mama likes to read? Two bookish things in one list. Anyway - a tried & true gift card to Barnes and Noble or your mom's favorite local bookstore never goes amiss. Books are one of those things that are hard to justify the money spent on them, but are so fun to buy. What better combination for Mother's Day?

5. A beautiful plant
Maybe it's because I've been growing this human inside me for 9 months, but I've become obsessed with growing things lately. I've got indoor plants (aloe vera, leafy greens, and a new orchid), a vegetable garden started, and am hankering for more potted plants to jazz up our front porch. A beautifully arranged flower pot can't go wrong - plus, if you visit a nursery most of the time they have some great choices already put together for you!

6. Date Night
I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is go on an entirely-planned date with my husband (and I think I loved it even more when we were dating/engaged). There's something super exciting about not knowing the plans, and just going along for the ride. Why not whip something up like this for Mother's Day? You can pick out a day to use it later, and voila - perfect gift idea that takes only a little bit of planning. Also bonus points if you make it a cute card/coupon to "open" on Mother's Day.

We're supposed to have a heat wave on Wednesday of this week (which is David's pick for the delivery date - May 7) so here's hoping the pressure difference induces labor? My frantic internet searching hasn't come up with any definite results except for LOTS of L&D nurses swearing more women give birth with big weather changes (storms, snow, heat waves, etc.) so I'm hoping they're right. If so, maybe I'll be 100% a mom on this year's Mother's Day! If not, this list will still be handy for years to come, I'm sure. :)