May Goals

It's May 1, which means it's time for my monthly goal analysis! Can you believe my due-date-month is here? (I can't!)

April Goals:

  1. Get ready for Baby G: Officially done with this goal as of last night at 10 p.m.! The nursery is finished (minus hanging the pictures), the bassinet is cleaned and prepped, my and David's hospital bags are packed... so I'd say we're about as ready as we're going to be!
  2. Try to slow down: I think I did okay on this one. We had some nice relaxing nights together this month, partly intentionally and partly unintentionally (cough cough David's appendectomy cough cough) but I think as a whole April was a relaxing month.
  3. Get our social life on: Man, did we ever accomplish this goal! Every weekend was filled with an activity this month, and we managed to see almost every single one of our close friends. Hopefully it'll tide us over through baby's birth.
  4. Practice with my new camera: I did a little bit of this, but didn't read enough tutorials and set time aside to really practice quite yet. I've brought it to a lot of events, which is nice, but not quite the same. 
  5. Enjoy the spring weather: I tried to spend a lot of time outdoors this month, so I'd say I succeeded at this goal. I have the tiniest hint of a tan starting (yay!) and many more plans for working and being outside.
Month 8 of pregnancy...done and done!

May Goals

name that song reference!

1. Get Baby G out in the world!

Obviously I don't have real control over this, but I really would like our baby's birthday to be in May, and preferably sooner rather than later. As my doctor put it, I'm having symptoms of TOBP - tired of being pregnant. Seems to set in in the last month of pregnancy and can get pretty bad. So I'm channeling all my mental energy and prayer into making the baby get here stat!

2. Read fiction

I read some fiction for the first time in what feels like forever during April, and I'd like to continue that during May. I have some ideas on what to read but y'all should give me ideas if you've read anything good lately!

3. Clean house

I'd like to have the house really, deeply cleaned by the time baby gets here. I want to try and do one small cleaning task every day until he/she gets here, so that I'm moving and getting stuff done while distracting myself from not having the baby here yet! I'm going to make a list of areas that need to be cleaned and try to cross one task off every day of the least til baby gets here.

I'm keeping my list of goals simple this month in preparation for the baby - don't wanna get too lofty because we all know it won't happen if he/she arrives early, or even on time. What are your goals for the month?


  1. I love the idea of having monthly goals! I was actually just thinking about jotting some down today---it's been awhile since I made some concrete ones!

    On a completely unrelated note...I just read your "About Me" and I have to mention that I recently went through a lovely phase where I could *only* eat Jimmy John sandwiches. And as I'm typing this, I kind of want one for dinner... #JJs4lyfe

  2. God luck with your goals!! So exciting that due month is finally here!


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