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I've been reading Ginny's blog for years (literally! years!), but I've never joined in on her weekly Yarn Along posts, mostly because I'm usually not consistent enough in my knitting to be knitting and reading something at the very same time. Mostly it's one or the other for me, in my spare time, because I get obsessive about one of them and forget the other.

This week I've been shirking all the piles of laundry around the house that are just begging to be put away, the floors that need to be vacuumed, the packing that needs to happen between now and tomorrow at noon, and focusing my "free" time on both knitting and reading.

I'm still dogging away at my baby blanket, which was supposed to be a gift for a friend's baby who is due at the end of August. I'm thinking it won't be finished in time for that, unless I become miraculously fast at knitting between now and then, or give up everything else I'm doing and concentrate on it alone. Luckily I know plenty of other babies being born in the next few months so I'll be able to find somebaby to give it to. (No pattern to link to, just straight garter stitch and I cast on until I couldn't imagine casting on anymore, I'm not a fancy knitter!)

I'm just a few chapters into Kristin Lavransdatter (the first part, The Wreath), and I'm really liking it so far. I've been mostly reading newer fiction this year, so the change in writing is a nice reprieve and reminds me a lot of my college reading assignments. (As an English major, most works I read were pre-1900, and I lovedddd it.) It's a nice relaxed pace and I've been putting off reading it for a long while now, so it feels even like an accomplishment to be reading it.

What are you crafting/reading these days? Head to Ginny's to see more + better books and yarn projects!


  1. Such a gorgeous baby blanket. Great job taking care of yourself and your interests this week mama!

  2. Very pretty blanket. Youll get it done soon!

  3. Lovely baby blanket, keep plugging away at it and you will get there!


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