WIWS: solo parenting & comfy Mass clothes

Since David's away this weekend at an alumni fraternity event ("this weekend" meaning for approximately 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday, but hey, the solo parent in me demands I call it a full weekend), Kate and I have been having a lot of quality girl time. Aka we went to Target yesterday together, spent some time at my parents' house, and then went through the Starbucks drive through this morning after church. #wefancy

I took her to Mass this morning by myself and wowza - props to all you moms who consistently take kids to church by yourself! I was exhausted by the end of the Mass, both physically from wrangling her and emotionally, too, from feeling all the pressure. Luckily our normal Mass time is baby-filled -- I counted 4 babies within a 3-row span from us, but it's still different than having a co-parent along with you there.

I recently got my Brass Clothing Band Dress from their Kickstarter campaign, and so I wore it to a wedding Friday night, fully planning on wearing it again on Sunday morning so I could get a photo of it. (I love love love it, so expect another post featuring it soon.) Unfortunately I did not account for Kate's sticky fingers during dinner at the wedding, so it was in the wash today. So I went with this instead!

Shirt: Target (exact)
Skirt: Target, old
Sandals: Target, clearance
{{sense a theme??}}

I still can't decide if I like wearing maxi skirts/dresses. When I bother to wear heels, I don't mind how I look in them. But I think I'm on the border of being too short to really pull them off with flats, which makes me a little self conscious in them. But this is undeniably one of my most comfortable Mass combos, even if it's not super dressy - the comfort factor makes the trade-off worth it.

Kate wore her trusty Old Navy sandals, which she wears everywhere because they're the only pair of shoes that fit her right now, and an adorable Old Navy dress I got a few months ago on clearance online. This is the best picture I could get of her after Mass...

It really is no wonder she eats like a person twice her size, because she just does not. stop. moving. Like, ever.

Anywho, we're in for a rather relaxing rest of our Sunday. I need to catch up on some laundry, David has to mow once he gets home, and I think if it gets hot we might break out the kiddie pool for Kate so we (ahem, me) can get some sun before summer's officially over.

Hope you're in for a relaxing Sunday, wherever you are! Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple - go check 'em out!


  1. I always have Luke at Mass alone since Scott plays guitar at his church every Sunday... it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch the thrown toys, open the puffs, not spill the puffs, catch the dropped sippy cup, keep him from pulling the lady's hair in front of us... ahhh! So props to you! I get it (and the weird "pressure" thing too..!)

    1. Oh man, I'm impressed! I took Kate maybe once or twice by myself when she was really little (3 or 4 months old) and was like, psh, I could always take her by myself....eating my words like crazy now. It's crazy different once they WANT to escape!

  2. I have that exact same shirt from Target in about 6 colors (and 2 different versions of "white"). It is such a good shirt! I also have the three-quarter sleeved boat neck top from the Merona line in 6 colors. When I find something I like these days, I buy a bunch of them... on sale for $4.

  3. You go girl! I have yet to take Zoe to mass by myself. We were splitting up mass times for a little while there because she was so fussy but we started going together as a family again a few weekends ago and it's crazy...with 2 of us! Love your comfy mass clothes. They are so essential for wrangling a crazy toddler!


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