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I realized the other day that I haven't been talking much about mothering on the blog anymore, ever since Kate finished up her monthly photos (a few months ago, seeing as I didn't remember to do a 12 month photo, oops). 

I think this comes in part with feeling like I've got some experience under my belt, as well as just moving past the inevitable little baby obsession I used to have. Not that I don't still love Kate just as much as before! But parenting a toddler is vastly different from parenting a newborn/baby. I didn't realize the transition was going to happen til it already had come and gone.

Parenting now revolves mostly around keeping Kate from destroying things, cutting up food for her 3x a day (never ending! wowza!), and laughing at the antics she gets up to. Some days I miss the quietness that was before - when she was little, and would just sit or lay and be content. She's barely still for more than 30 seconds nowadays, unless she's deep asleep.

I suppose some things don't change. I still worry about her eating. Before it was worrying about what I'm eating, how much she's nursing, and the inevitable physicality of the whole breastfeeding gig. It was visceral to me, holding her upwards of 6 times a day while she nursed. Now I plop her in the high chair and debate how many days in a row I can give her the same foods without her complaining. (My mom's convinced my adult dislike of bananas is because she fed me them all the time when I was a kid.)

But I'm altogether more laid back. I realize that naps sometimes don't happen, and that's okay. I realize that sometimes grandparents will treat her with sweets, and it's okay. I realize that she's growing and more things have to be taught than did before, and it's okay.

It's a continual transition.

She is still as much of a doll as she ever was as a baby - but just with a healthy dose of sassiness. I claim that most of it comes from David's genetics, but it's fun nonetheless. She has some words under her belt - most of them sound the same, but she's got ball, puppy, baby, mama, dada, Lola (her bunny in the above photo), that (as in, What's that?), bye (with a wave! socuuute!), and can make animal noises for puppy (woowoo), birdie (eeeep! really high pitched), cow (oooo, sometimes with an "m" beforehand), and we're working on "meow" for cat.

She wakes up every morning in a great mood, giving kisses freely and kicking us in the face while we try to corral a few more moments of sleep after freeing her from the crib.

She's real close to running, and does this cute walk/gallop right now when she tries to find some speed. She tilts her head back to laugh when we do something silly, or to get our attention. Hats and headbands don't stay on for very long, or become a missile to throw at someone. She loves strangers and exploring, and every time we see a dog in person she immediately says puppy woof woof!

We're having fun growing & learning together, how about we leave it at that? :)


  1. Ahhh, the animal noises and almost-running sound so stinkin' cute! Where did time go?! I can't believe she's a toddler!

  2. Ahhh so cute!! what a darling! You will be so glad in a few months and a few years that you recorded these things! They just keep growing and changing so fast and its so fun to look back and remember wow they really couldn't run at one point, and had an adorable toddler vocabulary etc. etc.


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