right now

listening to Kate's hiccups and laughing at her inwardly because she'll go, "Bababa HICCUP bababa" without so much as a beat inbetween

relishing the last 2 episodes of The West Wing and wondering what in the world I'm going to watch next?

drinking lots of water & La Croix and trying not to die of this stupidly persistent cough/cold I've got going on

feeling nostalgic as the school year ramps up around us and I have nothing to do with it - David and I drove through campus the other day and laughed to ourselves, saying "remember when we thought being in college was hard? lol"

hoping the rain from this morning (last picture) comes back tonight

eating salads and wraps and some delicious store-bought brownies

noticing that my manicure from the wedding I was in 2 weeks ago is finally going downhill, always a sad time

needing some new tunes to get me through the work week, any suggestions?

thanking everyone that comes to this space to read my random and not usually edifying thoughts. y'all are the real MVPs