7QT #38: Arrow, wedding season, & HP funnies

Another week gone by, another weekend to look forward to. Yes, I still get excited about those. Don't you?? {{linking up with Kelly}}

Kate slept in this morning.
Read that sentence again quick and then realize how blessed I am on this beautiful Friday morning.

Although we put her to bed at her normal bedtime last night (7:30) and she had a full day yesterday (grocery shopping! spinning in circles until she got dizzy!), I didn't think it was overly tiring. Apparently I was incorrect because she slept in til 8:30 this morning! Miraculous, I tell you.

Of course now I'm worried about getting two naps in at a somewhat normal time today, but c'est la vie of a boring mama life, eh?

running (and running, and running) at the park the other night while dada played frisbee

Speaking of cute daughters, I just ran across this the other day on the internet, and had to share with someone besides David and my younger sister.

courtesy @amellywood aka Stephen Amell on Twitter
David and I are watching Arrow right now (still, yes) because we're trying to not rush through every single episode and then be upset when we've run out of episodes. Therefore I started to follow Stephen Amell on Twitter, and wow, he's an awesome celebrity. (Do people still say that?)

Also, watch Arrow if you haven't yet. It really is as good as everyone says it is. And it's on Netflix. (Please try to ignore the first few episodes that are uber-CW-ish, aka filled with only beautiful people...It gets so so much better.)

This weekend marks the end of wedding season for us! Norah, a girl I've been friends with since before high school, gets married this afternoon. Out of the 10 girls I was closest with in high school, she's the 9th one to get married. Yes, truly.

Norah and I when we used to student manage the cross country team in high school. #babies

We're super excited to celebrate her and Mitch (her future husband) this afternoon with a night of good fun. After this we have a quick break before football season starts up and our weekends get consumed with that! Story of every (Nebraskan's) life.

I've only got about two weeks left of P90x3 and I'm trying to decide what to do after I've finished. I really love working out every day - and I've heard really awesome things about Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guides. Has anyone used them/enjoyed them? I got a copy of her guides off eBay (shhhhh) but trying to decide if that's the route I want to go, or if I need a different direction.

The transformations she puts on her blog really are incredible, and the workouts seem like something I could totally do. But - am I going to miss lifting weights? I used to hate it, and now I kind of love it.

Thoughts? Advice? Recommendations? I am subscribing to Beachbody's On Demand program, which I can cancel at any point but I could also start another one of their programs...too many choices.

Another fun/funny Internet link for you today. Fan of Harry Potter? Want to imagine what it would be like if the characters had iPhones and unlimited text messaging plans??

Look no further past this awesome Tumblr series called "iPotter."

I keep crying from laughter each time a new one is released. (Fair warning on language, just FYI.) Some gems:

Excuse the wonky formatting, I still can't get the hang of aligning photos on this new theme.

But seriously. Very very funny, highly recommend. Same level as Drunk J. Crew.

We've had some seriously stellar clouds, sunsets, and general sky prettiness around here lately. It's making me look forward to fall even more. Also, I'm tired of sweating the minute I step outside. (I know, I know, first world problems!)

But seriously. I took this from right in front of our house, with my phone. #blessed

I'm redoubling my efforts to be more healthy this week, including joining Jenna's Huset Fitness group on Facebook. If you're so inclined, join up! The challenges and encouragement is super helpful to an outside-pressure-motivated type person. :)

Head to Kelly's for more weekend gloriousness!


  1. We're watching Arrow right now too! It's good :) And that pic of him and his daughter is adorable.. #melting


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