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Sorry the blogging around here has been sporadic (at best) and pretty fluffy. I used to get all riled up and plan a bunch of posts and write things that I felt had actual content...and then I don't know what happened, but the writing energy kinda went right outta me.

Instead of whining or worrying about it though, I'm gonna just keep on keepin' on, blogging fluff and memories and stories of my kiddo and Instagram photos because that seems to be the only way I know how, at least right now.

Toddlers can be pretty fun sometimes. The other day Kate and I needed some fresh air, so we went outside during the witching hour (aka every mother's worst nightmare time) and played in the yard. Have I mentioned how much I now appreciate having a yard? with a fence? and a swingset - that came with the house?? Because I do.

Kate spent her time running this way and that way, exploring every corner of the yard, saying "pu pu" when the neighbor dog came out and barked at us. Then she decided to sit down in the mulched garden bed (with no plants in it, mind you) and just throw mulch everywhere.

I decided to just let her. And although it doesn't maybe sound like it, it was a big deal for me. I've gotten into this habit of not letting her do things that get her messy, because I get tired of vacuuming/changing her clothes/doing extra laundry. But this time, I just let her be. Because guys? she was SO HAPPY. Just sitting there. Throwing mulch in the air and letting it fall on her. It was just the cutest. And I couldn't bring myself to stop her and take that joy away.

Then I said a quick prayer to Mama Mary asking her to please let me be like this more often as a mom. I'm nervous if I don't pay attention, I'll grow into a way-too-controlling mom who never lets her kids just be kids, and I hate that. So I'm looking out for it more, and saying some prayers it doesn't happen.

Kate's turning into her own real, little person. I mean, she's always been her own person - but her personality is developing, and it's equal parts hilarious and overwhelming (for all of us).

Right now it involves a lot of screaming when she wants things, and then (opposites) cuddles when she realizes she did something wrong - and/or fell to the ground, injuring herself because she was running too fast.

It's quite an adjustment period. Her vocabulary isn't growing a lot, but she understands a lot more each day. I'll ask her to do things, and she'll understand and do them - it's crazy!!!

If you haven't heard Ben Rector's new single, Paris - I highly recommend it. The music video is the best kind of adorable, too.

I've played it way too many times in the last couple weeks.

Okay, y'all, I neeeeeed some style advice. Since last year I finally found the perfect denim jacket (still love it!), it's my next style goal to find the perfect chambray shirt. I had one from a few years ago from Target, and the longer I own it, the more I hate it. With every wash it gets stiffer and more worn-out (but not in a good way) looking, and I'm ready to commit to something new.

Where's the best place to buy one? How much should I be willing to fork over for it? This one above from Gap looks nice but is maybe too light - I'm thinking I want a darker colored one. And pockets - yay or nay? I want something sort of stretchy, but that doesn't wrinkle easily, can be washed without a lot of fuss, and is somewhat timeless. Got any tips for me?

Also, in anticipation of our family photos this week (eek! first ones ever!), we're getting some things hung and cleaned up around the house. Including this lovely ($30) mirror from Home Depot! I know it looks off kilter with the dresser in the photo because of our tilted floors, but I promise it's level in real life. So yay! Stay tuned because you best believe I'll be posting some photos from our shoot when we get them. (How could I not?)



  1. It makes me happy when moms talk about just letting their kids get messy and BE and play! Maybe its just my style, it isn't too difficult for me to have that approach in the day to day moments, it just makes so much sense to me that its so important and vital for them to be able to live like that, when its relatively safe. The only moments I regret it is when I am doing laundry and have to just totally trash their clothes because some things are un-survivable... oh well, clothes are to be lived in, not just saved as hand me downs, and it does kids so much good to get to live!! Glad you and Katie had fun in the mulch!


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