Rough day

Contrary to the picture above (from the super fun wedding this weekend), we're all having kind of a rough day around here.

I woke up sore from my workout and with an unexplained headache. Kate just plain woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

We've been alternating crying sessions (just kidding)(mostly), throwing our food on the floor, refusing to do anything whatsoever resembling playing by ourselves, cutting our very vital naps short, and just been all around in a bad funk of a day since the moment we woke up. [Ahem, we being mostly Kate.]

Don't you just hate those days? They sneak up on you. I had high, productive hopes for today too - seeing that the weather isn't going to top 72° this afternoon, combined with a cloudy & rainy day, made me think we'd have a nice, peaceful, productive day. Womp womp.

I'm writing this to all you other moms having a similar day today - yep, they happen. And it's sometimes really hard and sucky to get through them. But eventually we will and they'll fade in our least, I'm praying they do.

Until then, I'll be holed up outside the nap-fighting-toddler's bedroom door, whispering silent prayers pleading the angels to magically make her wake up in a better mood, and dreaming of a cold margarita and a warm sandy beach. Or maybe a solo trip to Target -- whichever comes first.


  1. YOU, friend, are a great mom. Hang in there! This post is from yesterday, so here's me hoping that today is going better!


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