What we're up to...

Recently the blog has taken a back seat due to real life and busyness, as I'm sure many of you can understand. The holidays are just a huge time to get everything done all the time, and we definitely fall under that umbrella. This last weekend was our first "free" weekend in approximately 2 months, so yeah, things were kinda crazy.

And then our "free" weekend ended up including a dinner with friends, a very-necessary trip to Menards for a home improvement project, a fraternity alumni Husker game watch party, and a Husker volleyball game and dinner with my parents. So much for not being busy.

Anyway, since so much has been going on I haven't gotten to blog/journal about what's been up lately! So in lieu of a longdrawnoutneverending recap post, I'm going to shorten it up with a picture recap as best I can. And heeeere goes!

I was the matron of honor at Caitlin's wedding last weekend. (I can't believe it's already been a week!) This involved a lot of finagling of Kate's schedule and lot of baby-watching by David. I think he was a little nervous going into the weekend because he was in charge of her solo for a big hunk of time, but he did great! We all survived and thrived and had a great time at the party of the year.

I was hella nervous for my speech but I think it turned out okay. Obviously the best man outdid me - he had PROPS, people - but that was just to be expected. I said all the words and I didn't faint and I got real close to crying so win-win-win all around. It was fun and I was so beyond overjoyed to watch two of my bestest friends commit to their vocation to each other.

So as I was the matrĂ³n of honor (inside joke), I hosted/helped organize the bachelorette party. Seeing as we are not the typical bachelorette type-group, we went to dinner and then came back to our house to hang out, open the presents, and watch a movie. David and I spent a good part of the previous week cleaning up our basement to turn it into more of a room and less of a storage unit than it had been. So we go downstairs, first played some Mario Kart, and then the bride-to-be requested that we watch Tangled. (Fantastic choice, obviously.) About 20 minutes into the movie, a shadow appears on the ground and all of us look up to our pipe and see A FREAKING MOUSE RUN ACROSS THE PIPE ABOVE OUR HEADS AND INTO THE WALL.

Commence really girlish screaming and freaking out by 8 girls...it was as hilarious as you might imagine.

Of course I was completely grossed out because hello, I've never seen a mouse in our house before so that's disgusting. So we transferred the party up to our living room and tried to forget all about it. But yeah, it was a tiny bit disheartening. I've been walking on eggshells in my office (which is in the basement) ever since.

This little sweetie has been in a lot better of a mood lately. Less fussy in the evenings, taking better naps, sleeping longer at night, etc. etc. It's been a joy recently to see her change so much from day to day - I swear every time I see her again in the morning she's bigger and looks different from the night before.

I made this delicious crockpot potato soup the other day - find a similar recipe here. I switched it up a bit and used half regular potatoes and half sweet potatoes - which I LOVED but David was not a fan of because he's a sweet-potato-hater. But it was delicious if you like 'em. (I also added about a cup of regular milk, and some spices for the last hour of cooking because it was a little bland for my taste.) This soup is best served with a heaping pile of bacon, a generous sprinkle of cheese, and something to dip it in.

One more for good measure: this scene has been a pretty regular occurence around Casa de Gokie lately. Kate's itching like CRAZY to get to crawling, but so far the fact that she has to have her knees and her hands touching at the same time seems to escape her. So there's a lot of the above happening, or pushing off with her hands and wondering why her legs aren't following. It's absolutely adorable and I am super excited but also dreading when she finally figures it out. #parenthood

Til the next riveting post...