Brace yourselves...

all the posts about winter/snow arrival are coming.
Including mine! mwahahaha.

In other words, it snowed here and I'm super excited about it.

Please excuse our perfectly-placed garbage can.

So, I know some people dread the arrival of the cold, and snow, and the shorter days. Buuuuut I really like it. I'm cold-blooded at heart, what can I say? I kind of love it when the sun sets at a ridiculously early time and evening drags on for hours and hours.

Even though this snow really took everyone off guard, I'm still loving it. As you can tell by the still colorful leaves in the picture, even the tree in our front yard wasn't ready for the quick freeze. It went from 65° in the morning on Monday to 18° by about 9 p.m., so yeah - it was a quick turnaround.

Winter reminds me that I love curling up by a fireplace (when I'm around one) with a good book. The whole hibernation aspect make me crafty too, working on Christmas presents and just things for wintery weather - scarves, hats, etc.  Luckily I have a feeling we're in for a long haul of a similar winter. Lots of cold, lots of snow, and lots of long dark nights. Lucky me!


  1. I love hearing positive attitude in the face of winter! Our first snow was back on labour day and there was a pretty good dump this last week, I try to be positive about it too because what's the sake of complaining for 8 months. But I'm having a hand time loving the dark evenings, it's pitch dark by 6:30 here already and two more months of shortening days..... Not quite sure we will have any day light left. Maybe it's just kids that tire me out so when it's dark and I've gotten them both to bed, I just want to be sleeping immediately

  2. I'm definitely not ready for the snow yet... BUT... I do get ridiculously excited (and yet whiny) about the first snow. It's so pretty! My problem is that I think once Christmas and New Year's are over, the snow needs to stop. But it never does. It just keeps piling on until March.


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