5 months

Whoa, so blogging has obviously taken a back seat recently - albeit understandably now that CAITLIN is MARRIED... it was a busy week or so and I'm so happy for them now that they are married.

But that is a different photo-dump post. This is about how Kateri turned 5 months old like 2 weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to a monthly post about her. Whoopsies.

Kate turned 5 months old! What the what - where has time gone??

Weight: By our not-so-scientific scale, which consistently was wrong during pregnancy and has never instilled me with much faith, Kate's around 17 lbs. But that's pretty up to flex so we'll see at her 6 month appointment where she's at!

Height: Ditto. Also I can't find my tape measure sooooo we're guessing a little longer than last month so that would be around 30 inches?

Firsts this month: achieved expert-level rolling over! She can go from back to tummy and back around as much as she pleases now. I can barely put her down on her back for more than a minute without her ending up on her stomach! She's also for the first time making consonant sounds instead of just pterodactyl noises, including very vague sounds that might be a "ma" or a "da." But we're not getting our hopes up.

Babycakes (from David's cousin's 2 year old girl who misunderstood Baby Kate...too cute)

Other things to note:
-She finally has enough upper-body control to look at a person's face while they're holding her, or as it may be, their very very shiny and irresistible necklace.
-She's grabbing everything and putting everything in her mouth, including notably this month my hair, our iPhones, and even my lips and chin (on separate occasions).
-She is soooo close to crawling. She can get her butt up in the air quite well during tummy time and is slowly inching up with her hands, but for now it's mostly just very slowly turning herself in a circle inch-by-inch.
-Sleep training has been meh this month. She was great for a week or two and then daylight savings time ended and everything went to h-e-l-l. So we're working on that again.
-She's nursing about 5-6 times a day, sometimes 7 if it's a hungry day. She's tried a very select few real-food things (and by try I mean a tiny dot on my finger into her mouth) and always has a very puzzled look on her face when it happens.
-Kate can sit up by herself for about 30 seconds at a time, which is just too cute.
-I'm sure I'm forgetting other things but...what are you gonna do?

We love you, darling girl!


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