Things I'm thankful for [2014]

I'm really bad at being thankful.
Does anyone else realize this once Thanksgiving rolls around each year?

I think about the meaning of the holiday, and then can count on one hand how many times I've stopped to be grateful for the blessings in my life since the previous year's Thanksgiving.

It's sad. But it's better than never being grateful whatsoever, right?
So here's a list of things I'm thankful for this year.
{warning: some more serious than others}

my husband David
my beautiful daughter Kateri
my faith
easy-button onesies
the ability to work from home
good friends
wind whipping through the trees
extended family
old college friends
new married friends
leggings that go past my feet
carpet to walk on
Raisin' Cane's
& diet soda
writing inspiration...when it comes
the ability to blog
the friends I've made through blogging
and a cool glass of water
my healthy & the health of my family
boots to keep my feet warm
the joy of motherhood
the pain of motherhood
everything I've learned from my first 6 months as a mom
snow & rain
skinny jeans that fit just right
weddings to celebrate
new babies to love on
music to listen to while I work
an unbelievably easy baby
a sound machine for said baby
a house that we love
the cuteness of my daughter
the ability to say the phrase my daughter
comfy blankets
watching TV with my husband
tuna noodle casserole


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