Baby's first Halloween

Okay, so Halloween happened...and pretty much as atypical as possible, I didn't take very many photos of my baby on her first Halloween.

I've got a few that will suffice but major new mom fail! I was supposed to take hundreds, nay, thousands! And I didn't. I've got a total of 12? And most are blurry? Apologies.

We dressed up as:

Mary Poppins, Bert the Chimney Sweep, and the Dancing Penguin from Mary Poppins!

David and I sewed Kate's costume all by ourselves, which turned out to be a learning experience (first time with velcro, first time I completely misjudged my child's head and accidentally made her a yamaka rather than a stocking cap). And it was also about $20 cheaper than buying a penguin costume from somewhere online, so all around a pretty much huge win in our minds.

Here she is close up:

Ugh, I just want to squish her cheeks looking at this picture. But she's napping, so I will restrain myself.

I'm not a big Halloween person, but I did enjoy making and seeing Kate dressed up much more than I ever thought I would. Who knows, maybe I'll turn into David and have it become my favorite holiday? (Probably not, but you can never tell...)


  1. Y'all did such a great job with the costumes! Kate's is ADORABLE!

  2. Super impressed you made this costume! NICE.

  3. Oh goodness you guys are too cute! We've never managed themed costumes - I didn't even have the energy to halfheartedly dress myself up this year :P

  4. SO cuuuuuute! I can't believe you guys sewed that costume! So cool!


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