7QT #27: Jonas, crooked desks, and HG

So, David's been complaining that he doesn't have a new post on my blog to read every day at work. I know he's my most avid, if not most vocal, reader - so this one's for you, honey. Another week of quick takes!

1. Don't judge me, but this song has been on repeat-repeat-repeat this week for me.

Yes. That is Nick Jonas's new single, Jealous. I was a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan when I was young...and probably too long into semi-adulthood, but this song is so SO SO catchy. I think I've listened to it upwards of 100x on Spotify this week. My followers are probably starting to get concerned about me.

I'll come back and let you know how the rest of his album is after I get past this song. It might be a couple months though, so don't hold your breath.

2. I moved my office upstairs to our attic this week, because the whole basement-mouse-thing plus the advent of freezing cold temps thing was just not a good mix for me and Kate every day.

I'm happy with the change except for one minor detail - the floor is like, markedly crooked up here, so my computer screen and desk are at an angle. This is something I've never experienced before but wow, does it make a difference! Right now I'm compensating slightly by putting coasters under half of my computer's base, like so:

But eventually I'm going to need a more permanent solution. I'm just too lazy (and too weak to lift up my desk while shoving something under the legs) to fix it right now.

3. How about a picture of Kate this Friday morning?

She is pretty stylish, if I do say so myself. Stripes on her shirt and leopard-print faded jeans, with a cuff? I have to say - it's way more fun to dress her than to dress myself on the daily.

4. I have a $50-or so gift card (from a return) to spend at Urban Outfitters, and I need some help deciding what to get. What of these do you like the most?

here - Minnetonka!


here, and with pants, obvs

5. The new Hunger Games movie comes out this weekend. And I love the Hunger Games, but I am very interested to see how those who haven't read the books experience the last two movies. I mean, I don't want to give any spoilers away but...you will probably not be 100% happy with the ending, at least in one regard or another.

Is it mean of me to kind of laugh at those who are going in unprepared? If so, I'm sorry...but it can be funny to those who know what's up. 

6. On a much more serious note, do you use a humidifier in your baby/toddler's room during the winter? I've read quite a few sources that highly recommend it, and I think we might start having to do that for Kate. She wakes up pretty much every morning with some sort of cold-like symptom - a runny or booger-filled nose, or a croaky throat, or something like that. 

At first I thought it was just from the sudden cold snap we had (60° in the morning, 7° that seem evening), but now I'm thinking it's from the dry air.

But then again, I could just be new-mom-freaking-out for no reason. Got any tips for me?

7. This weekend is a project-heavy one. David's parents and sister are coming up to help us install a glass-block window in our bathroom, and since there are like zero.zero tutorials on the internet of how to do so, I'm planning on writing a big post about it.

It's going to make me Pinterest-famous, I just know it (heavy, heavy sarcasm). Get super excited if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise, well, just skip it I guess. 

Linking up with Kelly again this week! Hooray for the weekend.


  1. I swear the air here has negative moisture these days. I am an avid humidifier user. Helps combat crusty boogers and dry skin.

  2. Humidifiers! Yes, yes, yes! We have one in Siena's room and one for the upper level of the house. So unbelievably dry and it does help with crusties and dry skin patches.

  3. Humidifiers4ever!! Yes one in her room and one in your room and everyone will sleep better all winter!!

    1. It sounds like that is the major consensus so we are definitely going to get one!!

  4. I vote for the purse with the moccasins in close second! We just saw Mockingjay yesterday and really liked it! We read the books about 3 years ago, so we couldn't compare very well. Have you seen it yet?


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