What a beautiful baby!

I get that compliment all the time when Kate and I are out and about.

Last night at JoAnn Fabric the lady cutting my fabrics and I had a good 10 minute conversation about the appeal of babies. She was by far the nicest employee I've ever met at that store. Most of the time the cutting ladies are so mean and condescending when you ask them questions that I've been emotionally scarred by it. Seriously. Maybe it's just the one in Lincoln but I swear they are trying to keep sewing an exclusive club most of the time, not willing to even consider that your question about the amount of fabric you need is worth their time.

But I digress.

This lovely lady and I talked about Kate, who was sleeping peacefully in her car seat perched precariously on top of their weird-shaped carts. And then we talked about her 4 grandkids, all of whom were to her, "sadly out of the baby stage."

And it made me realize - I've really been taking this adorable baby stage for granted so far.

Especially in the last few weeks, Kate's been much more alert - her eyesight is catching up and she can finally see far enough away to be engaged with the world around her. She laughs and coos all the time. I wake up to her cooing in the middle of the night - not crying, mind you, cooing - to let me know that she's hungry. (And it's only one wake up, by the way. Magic. Baby.) And again in the morning it's all smiles when she's ready to get up for the day.

She has a perfectly happy little temperament most of the time. She's also not mobile quite yet so it's easy to entertain her. Stick her in her Bumbo on top of my desk and she's happy looking at me or playing with her toes for practically a full hour. I can sit her on our bed or on the floor and walk away for a few minutes, and she just stays there. And she loooooves ceiling fans too. Wowza. If we had one in every room it would be her dream world, I tell you. Free babysitting for the win!

I think when I was pregnant I spent a lot of time looking into the future. Wanting to be done with being pregnant, wanting to meet the baby, wanting to be able to see my feet again. And that's human nature. We're never content just where we are - one of our greatest qualities when it comes to the search for holiness. But the conversation last night with the JoAnn's lady made me realize I need to appreciate this baby time in Kateri's life while it's here.

I'll never get to go back to this time in her life. Sure, I'll have pictures and videos but I need to soak it in now. Thank you, JoAnn's lady, for reminding me. I'll spend some extra time cuddling with her today and soaking in her beautiful baby smell today, just for you.