7QT #18: vacation, Whole30?, and a happy baby.

This past week/two weeks was a whirlwind of a wedding, travel, more travel, a class reunion (on D's part), and surprisingly a lot of introspection and life-examining, at least on my part. I was busy trying to sleep or while away the hours on Friday so I didn't link up with Jen then but I can do it now, right?

Mountains are great.

Like I mentioned, David and Kate and I were on vacation with my family this last week to southern Colorado. And although it was quite a difference experience with a 2-month old in tow, it was still a relaxing and nice getaway from the Nebraska humidity & non-mountain-ness.

We've gone many a place for family vacation - Maine, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, and of course Colorado time and time again. As the closest mountain range within driving distance of Lincoln, it seems as though we go there just about every other year. And I never get tired of the mountains. Every time we go back, I feel like a little kid again seeing them for the first time. If you grew up around mountains, I don't think you'll ever understand the feeling of living in a state almost as flat as a pancake for your whole life and then seeing mountains for the first time. It's incredible and one of my fondest memories of my childhood.

Every time we go back to Colorado, I get to feel that feeling again - and it's wonderful. I hope Kate and all my other future children will have a similar experience someday...although I don't think hers is going to be from this trip.

Soooo...I majorly fell off the P90X bandwagon over vacation. I had such high hopes for working out even when we were gone, even to the point of bringing my weights, bands, and DVDs with me. Yet, not a single P90X video was played. Wah wah.

I did get some activity in, of course - hiking and plenty of walking, hard to avoid in CO - but I'm motivated and ready to get back to working out. Just by missing those days I had way less energy and just felt bleh most of the time, which was amazing to recognize. (It probably didn't help that we had a table full of snacks that was not neglected one little bit.)

I'm thinking of jumping on the Whole30 bandwagon. Jenny has sang its praises many a time now, and even though I'm doing P90X I feel like a lot of my un-success (not a word but roll with it) and dropping off the bandwagon has to do with my food choices.

raising cane's I'm pretty sure is NOT Whole30 compliant...big deterrent.

There are times when I eat healthy, and times when I majorly do not. I'm thinking this drastic change might be a good way to spark a more long-term change in my diet for the better. But, then I look at their grocery list and think, we don't have that kind of money to spend on groceries, how can I even do this without eating eggs for every single meal? So, I'm asking y'all - have you done Whole30 or know anyone else who has? Likes/dislikes? Should I do it? Dish!

Onto a much more somber note, I can't help but mention the tragedies occurring in Iraq right now. Pray, pray, pray for all of those involved - victims, now-martyrs, refugees, American soldiers & military, and yes, even the perpetrators. Pray. It's not all you can do, but it is one of the best things you can do.

I feel like (fingers crossed, knock on wood, all that jazz) Kate is finally getting into her groove as a baby. She's sleeping and eating on a more normal schedule, and is becoming more content and happy as a baby as a whole.

She's also getting even more adorable every day...or at least I think so. What about you?

What show should David and I watch next? He just finished watching Twin Peaks, and we're about halfway through How I Met Your Mother. I've seen a lot of shows and am wanting something a little different to spice our minimal socializing lives up. Got any suggestions?

This week is back to work for both of us, which is never fun after a vacation. I'll be posting a full recap of our trip (lucky lucky you!) here any day now so watch your feeds for that. I'm also eventually going to get to part 2 of our engagement story (started that ages ago, whoops) as well as some more journaling and like posts. I've got big plans for blogging this month - if I'm not starting school I might as well do some sort of writing for some reason, right?

Peace out, y'all.

For more this week head over to Jen's!


  1. Ok... We are doing Whole30 right now... Kinda on a budget, but I'll let you know how that goes, I am planning to blog about it too. Show recommendations, have you seen parks and Rec? Love love! If you have tell me and I'll think of more... I'm pretty muh a professional tv watcher jk!!! What else, you sure asked a lot of questions! Haha 2 months? Good time in te life of a baby!! I hope it lasts!


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