7QT #20: pet peeves, Diet Coke aversion, and GIFs galore

This is my 20th quick take post (how is that possible?) and I'm ready to jump right in. This will also make 4 posts in one week for me...who am I?

I spent a little QT at Joann Fabric this week (see here for deets) and picked up this lovely crate/box thing to organize my girly parfums et powders on my dresser. David claims I won't be able to keep it up with all of them in there. I say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

It's really the little things, isn't it? Also I'm going to find our chalk and write something on there...not sure what yet.

If you love Parks and Rec, you're welcome:

Caitlin sent me a link to Season 6 bloopers which includes this dancing gem of Nick Offerman. He really is a man of many wonders, isn't he?

Also, funnily enough I'm listening to Kanye West's Paranoid and this GIF is synched perfectly to it. Hilar.

A short list of things that annoy me:
          Internet issues - why why why always when I'm in the middle of an important email?
          Facebook Messenger - no, I refuse to download you, stupid app. what are you even for?
          Scum on shower curtains - there is a bunch of soap all around you, all the time! how are you getting soooo dirty?

My mom's birthday is this weekend, so as a birthday present I converted some of her old home movies to DVD instead of VHS, since they no longer own a VCR. I was hoping to transfer some of us as little kids and some of her as a little kid, but somehow our VHS's (VHSes? old school lingo and I don't know the correct way to write that) got mixed up and I accidentally gave the lady 6 hours of old TV shows instead of us as adorable little kids.

Whoops. Hoping I can find them somewhere else at our house to transfer them eventually!

One of the weirdest changes post-pregnancy has been my new aversion towards Diet Coke. DC and I used to be BFFs.
I think I've used this exact image on this blog before to illustrate my Diet Coke obsession.
Oh well.

But now I literally can't even drink the stuff. I tried it again probably twice since Kate's been born, and I can't stomach it. It's not even that it tastes the same but I just don't like it - it's like my taste buds have changed and it has a different flavor now entirely.

I am not super upset about it, but I just find it a really weird symptom. Any other mamas had a favorite drink or food suddenly taste disgusting to you after having a baby?

Can't go a whole post on the day before Doctor Who comes back without mentioning that DOCTOR WHO COMES BACK TOMORROW!

I am so flippin' excited. Nerding out over here! It's been way too long since the last episode premiered. Plus, I've never lived through a changing-of-the-Doctors as a full-fledged fan. When I got into DW, Matt Smith was already the Doctor. So this is a new experience for me as a Whovian!

I'm stoked.

This weekend is going to be nice and hopefully relaxing - we've got some house projects to work on, a haircut scheduled for me (yay!), some laundry/cleaning to do, and my mom's bday party. What do you have planned for the weekend?

Linking up with Jen as per always - check out hers for more quick takes!


  1. Haircuts are always so exciting! Are you planning on doing anything different, or just going in for a trim?

    This weekend we'll be registering for baby and doing some things around the house!

  2. #tbt Paranoid by Kanye. Well, #tbf I guess.


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