This too shall pass.

Sometimes, even when you stay at home and work with your baby girl right next to you, a new mom gets lonely. And sometimes it's hard to remember how much a blessing it is to stay home and watch your baby grow. It's hard to realize that when all you want to do is have an adult conversation with someone. And want to see something besides the four walls of your house, that you're in 24/7 because you're a one car family and your husband has to work.

When those days come, it's fun to play around with photobooth with your baby girl and realize that just like everything else, this is a season of life. And it will soon pass. And you'll miss those days, so you should try to appreciate them while they're happening.

[[please ignore our makeshift pantry behind me, and focus on the cuuuuute baby instead]]


  1. I was in your exact position just a few months ago. STRANDED IN MY HOUSE WITH NO VEHICLE! Ahhhh. Buying a second car helps, but srsly thank you Internet where all my fraynds live.


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