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Man, shopping postpartum is really rough.

Before I had Kate, I was so excited to wear clothes that were non-maternity. Especially near the end where the only things that fit me was this uniform of gym shorts and these tees from Motherhood Maternity, I was basically ecstatic to get to wear something different once Kate was here:

What a professional uniform, right?
Of course, even before I started showing I had dreams that I'd look like this when I was pregnant, the whole time...

I maybe looked like this for approximately .02 seconds during my entire pregnancy. For anyone who's reading this who hasn't been pregnant - you will feel fat, for almost the entire time you're pregnant, no matter how normal or average you actually are. Just accept it and know that it's worth it to have the ability to grow a freaking human being.

Back to present day non-pregnant-shopping.
I was super excited to start to wear all the things I've been pinning on Pinterest lately. (Why oh why did I have to discover the women's fashion tag on Pinterest?? especially around 8 months preggo?) I also missed buttons. And zippers. And things that had some sort of real structure. And wearing a belt.

Stuff like this:

or this:

or even this:

And then I actually had Kate, and realized that I have a real postpartum body and a small style budget (aka like a $0 budget).

Now, don't get me wrong - I had heard from plenty a source that shopping wasn't going to be fun after I had a baby. I was somewhat mentally prepared, but the reality of life is always different than the conceptual. Isn't it always?

So I've survived with a few clearance purchases from Target and the Gap (my two go-to stores no matter my body state) when it came to transitioning back from preggo clothes. Summer clothes, however, are lots less of an investment than winter clothes are. I know I've got some time before I have to be wearing jackets & scarves everywhere, but I'd like to keep my collection of plaid flannels and comfy warm jeans that I've built up over the years.

I'm in the midst of P90x and I'm feeling the results already - my shirts and jeans already fit a little better, and I'm only on day 30. Which is awesome just to be able to move my body again without dragging an enormous belly along with me. Never thought I would say I missed the ability to do a jumping jack or a push up but man, I did.

But I've been thinking about this transition period, and realized that that's exactly what it is - a transition. Let's be honest, as women our bodies are always changing. But this is an instance where our bodies are really transitioning - trying to figure out all the new hormones, missing the absence of some that were there before, learning how to feed a human being, and trying to get back to what it was before.

Knowing that it is a transition is so helpful when I get discouraged trying to shop for clothes. It might not be the most fun right now, but it's not permanent. Nothing is permanent. Best to just go with the flow, you know?

And while I ride this wave of transition out, I'll be dreaming of cute outfits (^^^^) and an unlimited budget. Don't blame me for it, okay?


  1. Girl, I'm right there. I'm starting to get to that point where only a few things fit and there's just something so frustrating about that. First world problems, right? I too have been dreaming the postpartum clothing dreams and actually feel excited to workout at a higher intensity (at some point...not right away) and I'm so happy to hear it's going well for you! P90X kind of scares me though :P


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