33 weeks pregnancy update

My brain's pretty much 100% baby baby baby these days.

I've been doing some extra reading (more about that later this week, maybe?) that's NOT about babies, as an attempt to get my brain off the baby train for a couple hours at a time, but it inevitably returns to all the things we have left to do to get ready for baby within the span of like 20 minutes.

We've had two different baby showers (see one here!) so we're getting stocked up on all things necessary for baby...including adorable onesies, baby shampoo, rattles & toys, baby blankets...you name it in the cute department, we've got it.

BUT. We have oh-so-much-further to go.

I'm thinking about trying to make my own baptismal gown for the little one, although the time crunch is a little daunting at this point. I'm thinking something like the following can't be too difficult to pull together, though, right?

credit Running with Scissors
But there are a couple snags in this grand plan o'mine.
1. I have never sewn baby clothes before.
2. I'm terrified I will sew a baby gown and it will be either WAY too small or WAY too big. (honestly, probably more likely on the small side with the # of pounds I've gained this pregnancy)
3. I have very little time to complete said project, and...
4. I'm super indecisive and...
5. I still need to sew the curtains for the baby's room.
At 33.5 weeks already there is not much time to decide if I'm going to attempt this, let alone get it done if I decide yes. So there's that.

We also still have to:
- sand, prime, & paint the dresser/changing table combo we bought on Craigslist last week
- buy all the things we didn't get off our registries (not a ton left, just the bigger items that are harder to decide on, of course)
- put up shelves in the bathroom to store baby things/adult things that have been floating around our since we moved in
- finish the closet, and add some sort of organizational scheme so we can store more in there than previously
- get footstool for nursery (David's promised me I'll have one by the time we come home from the hospital, but I've seen no evidence so far...)
- hang up the art/decorations in the nursery
- finish stripping/painting the doors for the nursery & bathroom and re-install them
- buy foam for bassinet in our room
- do some major deep cleaning so I don't freak out
My nesting hormones are kicking in like crazy recently. My desk was left sort of messy on Friday and I had a mini panic attack Monday morning when I came back to it...so I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning it, and trying to ignore all the other things that needed to be cleaned in our house on my way up to my office. (I just closed my eyes and fumbled my way around til I made it upstairs. It wasn't the safest, but it worked.)

this is gonna be me. just you wait!
I just know I'm going to be the cliche pregnant woman who refuses to get in the car to go to the hospital because she's too busy scrubbing the bathroom floor at 3 a.m. or detailing the car in a major way through intense contractions.

Got any advice on how to survive these last weeks of pregnancy without losing your mind? I'm trying my best but any veterans could send some coping mechanism my way, if they were so inclined...


  1. I cant promise this will be helpful, but take a deep breath and remember, babies come on their birthday and they cant tell if the house is in perfect order, they really only need to be held and fed and they can literally sleep anywhere, (your favourite place for little one to sleep will probably be in your arms (or hubbys) at first) so as much as it may calm YOU to have a perfect closet and room and house all ready to go, the baby wont mind either way. And plan to take advantage of the visitors you will have, whey they offer to "help" give them a task that really WILL help YOU, trust me, they wont mind. Other than that, focus on your goals and get done what you can, but don't stress yourself because really, theres time AFTER babies here to keep working on projects, newborns sleep a lot. (and their moms should too but thats another issue) Good luck!! lots of prayers coming your way!


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