Baby shower!

I haven't posted in like 6 days - so here's a random post about the baby shower my MIL and SIL hosted for me this weekend. It was so fun and SO cute, as you will easily be able to tell from the photos.

I think this was David's favorite part of the whole thing - the onesie in the middle went straight to his soccer player heart!

Adorable centerpieces with practical applications: finger puppets and baby washcloths!

David may have failed a little bit on the whole focusing aspect on this one...but I don't blame him since we're both getting used to my new camera, which definitely came in handy this weekend.

And just for fun, not one of us during the shower but a nice one we took together over the weekend:

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Where did you guys register at? Any tips?

    1. I did a lot of mom-blog stalking, especially Grace Patton's ( and others to figure out what I wanted - plus I looked up reviews of different items and tried to come up with what seemed like a good solid list of things. Pinterest was super helpful too!

  2. Oh how cute! I love the centerpieces! I'll have to remember those! (Can I pin 'em?)

    1. Of course feel free! I agree they were absolutely adorable - I can't claim credit for the idea though, that's all my in-laws! :)


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