Easter 2014

Every year I'm amazed at how much I really enjoy Easter, now that I am more into my faith. When I was little, it seemed just like another excuse to get together with extended family, only involving more candy than Thanksgiving and less grilling than Fourth of July.

But now that I'm fully aware of what and the Who we are celebrating, Easter becomes more and more meaningful every year. Yeah, I'm pregnant, but I always choke up at least a few times during Easter Mass no matter when or where I go.

Although I've now reached the huge stage, I'm going to bore you with a short photo recap of our weekend celebrating with the in-laws. Hold onto your seatbelts, ladies and gents.

You'd think I'd get used to his antics by now...nope, apparently not. But I'm posting this one anyway because the others make me cringe when looking at them, but you can still get the idea of how enormous I am in this one.

We went to Easter Vigil Mass, so Sunday was spent golfing and enjoying plenty of good food! Here's me driving a golf cart for the very first time. Hoooooray!

David making a nice long drive on the course. (And yes that's basically the extent of my golf knowledge.)

Of course I didn't take as many photos as I had planned, but in hindsight probably for the best because no one needs to remember just exactly how huge I am when this baby's finally here. I'm hoping it will quickly become a far-distant memory...

To distract you from those thoughts, a nice pic of David doing our favorite activity...taxes! (bonus points if you can tell what he's distracting himself with instead of doing taxes on the computer...)

Happy Easter!


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