April Fool's Day...backfiring.

I should have realized that playing a prank on Facebook about anything pregnancy-related was going to backfire on me.

But I've had so many comments about how big I am in the last 7 months, supposedly impossibly big for just one baby, that I just couldn't resist making a joke out of it.

So I posted this on Facebook:

And TONS of people fell for it. Like, seriously. An enormous amount. (There's over 106 likes at current count, and over 24 comments. And it's still growing. Yikes.)

Maybe I grew up in a family that took April Fool's Day more seriously than others? (My mom was a master of the "move the clock forward to make everyone freak out" game, or dyeing all our food a weird color, to name a few.) Or maybe everyone just got caught off guard? I tried to make it as obvious as I could that it was a joke:

  • I didn't block out the real mama's name in the top left corner
  • I didn't give any real details or freak out in the caption, like I would have if we were just finding out now
  • I said it was a "routine ultrasound" which is pretty much a lie, because I'm pretty sure they don't have routine ultrasounds at 32.5 weeks, or I missed mine
  • I'm already 32.5 weeks along...(I feel like this should be enough evidence for most people to discount it, but apparently not)
  • I am not THAT huge
But apparently all of my Facebook friends are incredibly gullible, or they all just really wanted us to be having twins. Or they all think I'm just enormous and were glad they finally could pinpoint a reason why I am carrying so big. I guess we will never know.

This is not to say that we wouldn't be thrilled to find out we were having a surprise twin - I've wanted to have twins since I was a little girl. But according to a bunch of sites that I looked at after the posting, that happens less than 1% of the time after the 32-week mark. Most women actually find out earlier that they are pregnant when they're carrying twins, because their pregnancy symptoms are more severe from the get-go. And usually when they go into their first appointment, which happens earlier than most, they can already hear two heartbeats.


Plus with the advent of 3D ultrasounds, it's practically impossible to go 40-odd weeks not realizing that there are two bébés in there. (There weren't any stats for the "I didn't know I was pregnant til I had the baby" crowd, but they probably increase dramatically in those cases. I dismissed them since I am for sure, 100% that I am having a baby, and have been for awhile.)

The best part is that both David and I do have family history of twins/multiples, so it's a very real possibility for us in the future. If we ever do have twins, no one is going to believe us...which I think will be all the more hilarious if/when it happens.

I promise I learned my lesson, though. I will never again make a fake pregnancy-related April Fool's Day joke again, especially on social media. Or at least not until the memory of this one fades from peoples' minds.