Another pregnancy post

I know, I know. It seems like they'll never end...
But let's be honest, if it's all I think about during the day and night, how am I supposed to blog about anything else? I mean I could try but it would end up being a book review about a totally non-baby book and all I comment on is the 2 pages where a baby is mentioned.

So let's just stick to what I know/pretend to know.

This pregnancy seems to have flown by for the most part, although I've heard from all the wise sources both in real life and on the internet that these last weeks are the slowest by far. It seems like just yesterday we took the pregnancy test and now we're at week 36 (okay, I don't turn 36 weeks til Friday but who's keeping track?) and baby could be here any time!

I started packing my & baby's hospital bag last night and immediately texted a picture to Caitlin.

So far I've got:
+yoga pants and nursing tank and socks
+breastfeeding stuff (pads and lanolin, just in cases)
+my Belly Bandit
+two onesies, one per gender
+an adorable pj set from my sister
+infant summer swaddler
+baby blanket

I still need to make a birth plan (yikes) and print it out, add another pair of shirt/shorts that will actually fit me (most don't right now), include my toiletries, some clothes & snacks for David, and a list of things we'll have to wait and grab right before heading out the door (phone chargers, camera, whatever book I'm reading to hopefully distract myself with).

But I'm feeling more prepped with it sitting by my nightstand. Like some sort of pregnant-woman security blanket.

Because we don't know the gender of the baby, all of the clothes we have are very gender neutral...which is good in a major sense because we can reuse them for babies to come, but also makes me cringe a little at the thought of people not being able to tell what the little one is once it's born. Maybe it's just me but I hate looking at a baby and not being able to tell its gender - especially right after birth when it's still scrawny and sort of weird looking. SO. I'm going to make some sort of baby headband that's overtly girly to bring and thrown on the wee one if it's a girl so there's no question. I'm thinking this one is easy enough to accomplish in the next few weeks?

Only time will tell I suppose.

I'm now at once-a-week appointments, and Baby G is looking great every time - head down, stubbornly wiggling away from the doc's prodding and "palpating my abdomen," kicking like crazy wherever he squirts the ultrasound belly jelly. We spent a good 10 minutes trying to get a good read on the heartbeat this morning because he/she kept moving out of the doc's reach. (I'm thinking he/she's taking after their father on this one, because let's be honest, I was a perfect child in every way.)

almost 36 weeks!
All there is left to do is clean like a maniac and then wait. Pray for me that the waiting aspect doesn't take too long? (David and I have been convinced from the beginning that Baby G was going to be early but I'd like that to be true more than just a prayers appreciated.)


  1. Okay, so I should stop praying that bebe waits for me to get back to town on the 11th? hahah!

  2. It's getting so close! I love reading about your pregnancy :)


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