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This weekend flew by in a rush of wedding celebrations, a formal, and lots of yard work.
First up on Friday night was my cousin Grace's wedding.

It was a glorious Catholic celebration with lots of genuine beauty, a church packed to the rafters, and tons of dancing and drinking (for the non-preggos) afterwards. The reception was outside and it was a perfect, beautiful night.

I was worried about what to wear because it was outside, and because I'm 9 months huge. I ended up buying this maxi from Kohl's which was actually in the junior section and totally not a maternity piece. I just bought it a size up and it worked great. I highly recommend this process if you are pregnant and running out of places to shop for maternity things (the selection in Lincoln is small and expensive).

me and my crazy sisters
Then Saturday I won the shopper of the year award (while David was out golfing with his fraternity brothers) and got 3 pairs of pants (2 jeans and a pair of khakis) and 4 shirts for $60 at the Gap. Yes, you read that right. $60.

including these beauties
Their Spring Sale is going on right now, which means most of their stuff is 60% off, and when I went on Saturday it was an extra 30% off sale items and an extra EXTRA 5% off because I used my Gap card. If you're in love with Gap clothes as much as I am, then go check 'em out. Also I'm definitely not an impressive enough blogger to be getting any sort of compensation for this shoutout, I just really love Gap clothes and thought I should spread the love.

Plus it was immensely freeing to buy non-maternity clothes, even if I bought all the wrong sizes and end up having to return them. I don't even care at this point -- all I wanted was to shop for normal clothes and I got my wish...and a very cheap wish at that!

Then on Sunday, David and I went to town on our yard, because we haven't done anything to it yet this year. Like zip, zero, nada. It was a desperate situation. We bought a new lawn mower (nothing like expensive not-very-exciting purchases to make you feel like an adult) and a bunch of plants for my garden that is yet to be.

Here's a random photo of the front of our house because I didn't take any pics yet. Once the garden's all done I'll post something. For now I'm dreaming of something beautiful like this:

via Wikipedia
I know it's ambitious but I can dream, right? David's not a big proponent of gardens - he claims they're too much work for the stuff you get out of them, but I'm planning on converting him by the end of the summer. I've got strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, and basil all ready to go and plant this evening. I can't wait to show you the results!


  1. I found 3 maxi dresses in the juniors section at Kohl's too! Yours is very cute :)

  2. legit almost bought that dress last week. i ended up with a different one from the juniors section from kohls. #adultliving

  3. Love those jeans! I will admit to purchasing a few spring tops and pants from J. Crew Factory on sale this week - and it felt darn good. I'm so done with maternity clothes haha. I also bought my first maxi dress ever during that Gap sale, I'm hoping that it will be nursing and postpartum friendly for the summer weddings I have coming up.


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