7QT #10

It feels like it has been a vury vury long time since I have participated in ye olde Friday Quick Takes linkup. Here we go!

1. My poor David had to have an emergency appendectomy on Monday evening. (Are those things ever non-emergent?) He woke up in the middle of the night with real bad stomach pain that wouldn't go away, and after basically laying in bed/on the bathroom floor for 6 hours, we decided it was bad so I took him to el hospital.

proof in the not-fun-pudding
After waiting in the empty waiting room for approximately one forever, they took him back, ran a bunch of tests, gave him los drogas, and finally confirmed (after a CAT scan) that he had appendicitis. Yuck.

By 4:00 that afternoon he was in surgery and by 9:00 he was home (miracles of modern science, I know). He was out of it for awhile but is doing better every day. Thanks to all y'all who prayed for him - we both appreciate it.

2. On a much lighter note, I've been really enjoying playing around with Canva.com recently. It's like PicMonkey, only different? Really actually very similar but with different sorts of options, and I'm a sucker for trying out stuff like that. Here's something I whipped up quick the other day:

By all means use it if you have a need for one - we don't have a printer at home, let alone a color printer, so for now it's just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be loved by someone.

3. The cloud-based software I use for my job went through a major upheaval/update in the last week, so I'm spending a bunch of time right before my maternity leave trying to learn a new way of doing things, which I will probably forget and have to re-learn once Baby G gets here anyway.

via Dilbert
Can't you tell I'm enjoying it??

4. Grace had her bebe!

Obviously this is not necessarily my own quick take, but let's be honest, we've all been looking forward to meeting the little one for so long that it kinda feels like it.
Plus when I found out I was pregnant, Grace announced hers at practically the same time, so it was always refreshing to hear her count down the weeks. Here's hoping that means Baby G is coming sometime soon!

5. I've become obsessed with these Sseko Sandals after reading an article about them in Verily.

Yeah they're a bit pricey but come on...one pair of sandals that can turn into 50? I am all for that. Plus the money goes to a good cause. As Michael Scott would say, "Win, win, win."

I'm really loving this Knotty Tie version:

Basically to die for. Check out their website for videos of all the ways you can tie them!

6. We are THIS CLOSE to being done with the nursery. All we have left is finishing the doors, installing them, and sprucing up the mirror that came with the dresser we already refinished.

Obviously this is not the finished product but I haven't taken pics of everything yet so all you get is one coat of primer, our garbage can, and a garage still full of construction trash.

7. We had a lovely bout of thunderstorms and rain this week, which means our grass is now all officially green...and in need of a trim that we can't quite give it until we buy a new lawnmower.

Any garden/grass experts out there that want to give us brand recommendations? We are all ears!

Head to Jen's for more fun fun fun.



  1. We're in the middle of a software update, too- it's such a pain! It's also pretty interesting to see how dependent my work is on technology. I lost all my "Sent" e-mails and had a mini-freak-out. Apparently I should really save stuff other places. Whoops. Hope that yours goes smoothly!

    1. Ugh they are so frustrating sometimes! I'm having to recreate a bunch of projects from scratch again, so I understand the pain of losing a bunch of important info. It's funny what can make us realize how dependent we are on certain things! Hope yours goes well.

  2. I love those Sseko sandals too. I want a pair! I love that Knotty Tie version! So cute.

    I'm sorry your hubby had to have surgery-- but glad he's recovering.

    Congrats on the baby! You're getting close!!

    1. Thanks Lacey! He's doing a lot better now which is a relief, and back to his normal goofy self with just a little leftover pain. And I agree those sandals are just to die for! I might have to splurge and get them as a post-baby present for myself. :)


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