WIWS: it's been awhile!

Linking up with Rosie for What I Wore Sunday for only maybe the second time (third time?) ever on the blog! Last couple times are here for those curious: Nov. 2015, August 2015.

Rosie's hosting this week and trying to revive the trend of WIWS and I'm so up for that! So I forced David to be an Instagram/blog husband and take some photos of Kate and me, which went just about as I expected: Kate tried running away as much as she possibly could, and then faceplanted in her haste to get away from me which was hilarious.

Outfit details:
Dress: Old Navy, similar here
Sweater: Gap, stolen from Caitlin ages and ages ago and I never gave it back (oops)
Belt: Target
Sandals: American Eagle last year

Told you. Literally sprinting out of her cardigan in order to get away from me. Moms are the worst!!! (Rosie, I don't understand how your kids always WANT to be in your photos. Polar opposite over here!)

Kate's outfit:
Sweater; BabyGap (when they had 60% off sale stuff at the end-of-winter sale)
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Payless (from her aunt Natalie for her birthday last year)
Ponytail: courtesy of no bath last night...and some serious bed head before church this morning

I am not one to stick around in my nice clothes after Mass and the grocery store (our normal Sunday routine) so as soon as we're home I changed into this outfit:

Don't get me wrong, dressing up for Mass is nice and very necessary but just lounging at home? Get at me, jeans and a tee.

Also, since I had my nice camera out for this, I took this gem of Kate in her post-Mass clothes too:

Ahh, yes. That's why I don't drag the camera out anymore, because as soon as I do someone (ahem the toddler ahem) makes a big fuss about not being allowed to operate said camera. What a goofball.

If you're curious where our dining room table is, currently it's pushed down farther towards the door because I've been doing some quilting at nights and like to watch Parks & Rec or HIMYM while I do so, and you can't see the TV from the normal place our table's at, so I improvise. Fascinating look into our lives! ;)

Head over to Rosie's to find some more Sunday morning outfit inspiration, if you're so inclined. Have a blessed day of rest!



  1. I completely understand why the camera doesn't come out very often at your house... it's the exact same problem at my house! Of course, my "camera" is also my "phone" (and my calendar, blog-reader, budget-keeper, address-book, etc) so whenever it comes out my littles are all over it. Mom stares at it alot so it's gotta be interesting, right? :)

  2. Love the real life pictures. Your outfit is so cute

  3. Totally with you on the whole jeans + tee after mass! :)

  4. Oh my gosh Kate is cracking me up in these pictures!!! Truthfully, I don't know why my kids want to be in the pictures, either... It mostly doesn't start until they're 3 or so, so you've got time ;)

  5. I love your daughter's H&M dress! Might have to check H&M out for my girls for spring . . . .


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