7QT #47: alphabet letters, puppy craziness, and Serial

Another week...another set of quick takes. No one is surprised!

With a toddler and a seriously crazy puppy, I haven't had much time to blog - or keep up with much of anything besides surviving - this week. Getting a puppy has seemed to wreak any havoc on any sort of schedule/routine we had going on with just Kate and myself, especially when it comes to having specific times to work and interact with Kate and balance the two.


Luckily my work week hasn't been terribly demanding (knock on wood!) and Kate's been pretty good about the whole having-a-puppy-constantly-want-to-bite-her, so that helps a ton. We're working on the whole, she's a defenseless toddler who can't tell you no, so stop biting her Murph!!!! thing and it's slow progress.

I broke out some alphabet letters for Kate in the tub the other night, which we've had since she was born but I just kind of forgot about/didn't think she was interested in until she was older.

Oh  my gosh, we could not convince her to get out of the tub! It was adorable. David took a time lapse of her playing with them for your enjoyment:

Right now I'm trying (with our seemingly crappy internet for no reason the last couple days? weather-related? I honestly don't know) to listen to the Serial updates for Adnan Syed's case (aka season 1), which is super intriguing because well, I was super obsessed with it when it came out.

If you haven't seen or heard about them, head here and listen to them. Day 3 should be out today, I think? I hope??

Let's be honest, I'll listen to anything Sarah Koenig ever does from here to eternity.

This cutie is clamoring for selfies all the time:

I happily oblige almost all of the time. :)

One of my favorite teeny-tiny bands released their last EP (sad sad sad face) so you should head to soundcloud below and check it out.

Bear Attack - Epoch


Kate really loved playing outside in the snow for the first time this week. We were supposed to get upwards of 12 inches, but it petered out and only dropped a little more than 6 (depending on where in Lincoln you were, technically). And then it was so warm during the day after that the trees were dropping huge sludgeballs all day and the sidewalks got covered again after the snow stopped just from melting off the trees.

Kate (and Murph too) really did have tons of fun outside. After an hour of playing, I couldn't convince her to come inside even though it was past naptime and her cheeks were red from the cold. (Which wasn't all that cold, because melting, but still.) Don't you just want to squeeze her looking at this cute fluffy picture of her??

I hope it snows a lot again soon so I can put her in this outfit again and squeal over the cuteness of it all over again.

This weekend we're going to a Dueling Pianos show with some of David's high school friends, cleaning the house, and watching the Super Bowl somewhere on Sunday. And eating lots of delicious snacks.

Should be a quality February weekend. How about you?

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  1. You are so brave -- a puppy and a toddler! ;-) I didn't grow up with pets, so that probably makes me even more in awe that living with both and getting ANYTHING done can even happen. Go you!


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