7QT #48: love, blankets, & a princess

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of when David asked me to be his girlfriend.
Can you believe it?? Okay, I'm the only one who will answer "no!!!" to that question but holy cow, 5 years feels like a very very long time.

Back then we were young and naive and completely obsessed with each other. Now we're old and a tiny bit wiser and well, still pretty obsessed with each other but in a different way. :)

David, thanks for being my best blog reader and supporting me in everything I do. I love you!

Onto less gushy stuff.
I need a haircut, guys. And a change.

This is the current state of my hair. A tiny bit of ombre is still hanging on, and it's pretty unruly altogether. I'm in need of something new! With spring on the horizon and the fact that I've had the same haircut for forever, I'm thinking something like this is next:

What say you? Think I can pull it off?

I thought this article from Verily about the perils of dating being similar whether you're on the Bachelor or in real life was fascinating. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari's book I'm reading at the moment. Neither of which are applicable to my married mom life but still, fascinating as heck.

Really, anything about the Bachelor I read with a fervor.

My friend Mary actually informed me that if you Google "watching the Bachelor catholic", the first result you come across is my old shared blog with Caitlin, Two Catholic Girls. Glad that's the takeaway Google has gotten from the many years we wrote there. :)


Kate's spent most of this week walking around in her princess shoes and crown, saying "pin ess! pin ess!" and being absolutely freaking adorable. I can't get enough of it. It's especially helpful for working from home, because she clunks so loudly with her feet that I can pinpoint exactly where she is in our (very small) house by the sound of her footsteps.

This is the reality of what is happening most of this week. Kate getting run over/licked to death/chewed on by Murphy, and Murphy not even noticing Kate's upset by it.

Did you hear that the Harry Potter play will be released in a script format for those millions of us that won't be able to go to the like, 4 shows of the play in London over one weekend? Whew.

Not surprising because hello, J.K., you'd have a riot on your hands if you didn't release it somehow, but I'm still a little surprised they won't convert it to novel format. A script is certainly different from a novel, and she's probably busy, but it'll be hard to transition to reading a script compared to the awesomeness that is her novels.

Needless to say -- I'm still excited! #nerdalert

Kate's slowly forming more and more of a vocabulary, prompted mostly by us but sometimes she surprises us and comes out with a new word we've not insisted she try to say.

This week was "blanket" and it's just as adorable as you can POSSIBLY imagine. I keep asking her to go find her blanket just so I can hear her say, "Ban ket?" over and over and over again. I'll try to catch a video of her saying it to post on here for posterity's sake -- she's napping at the moment (praised be Jesus).

If you could say a prayer for a special intention today, I would greatly appreciate it!
Otherwise that's all I've got for this week. Head to Kelly's for more takes!


  1. Happy 5 year dating anniversary! They always sneak up on you, don't they? & yes to the hair! :)

  2. Yeah the hair is gorgeous!! Try it!
    My kids both say 'wanket' for blanket, which is kinda cute and kinda... We should work on pronunciation apparently.
    Happy anniversary!!
    Our 5 years married is coming up and I'm in shock a little bit.

  3. Congratulations on 5 years dating! How time flies, amiright?!

    Modern Romance just became available for me at the library, can't wait to start it!

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