Murphy, the newest addition to our little crazy family!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know this but I couldn't help but share here in blogland too.

Murphy Clara Gokie is a golden retriever, born on 11/27 and given to us by David's parents as a Christmas present. She (named after Interstellar and Doctor Who) is a little bit crazy, a lot bit cute, and we're all pretty much obsessed with her.

Well, most of us anyway - Kate is slowly warming up to the idea that Murph is going to stay around all the time, and is getting more confident being around her. She loves puppies in general but hasn't spent a long period of time around any yet, so it's taking some time for both of them to get used to each other. Kate loves watching her go outside to "go potty" (which sounds like paaahheeee in the mouth of an almost-two-year-old) and thinks the sound of her drinking is hilarious.

More pictures? okay!

Murph spent two weeks with David's family (because she was ready to go home sooner than originally planned) so last night was her first night at our house. She already claimed the corner by the door where we keep our shoes, chewed through the shoelace of my Sorel boots, AND peed twice on the floor, so she's making herself riiiiiight at home. (Kate's only peed on our floor twice, so they're neck in neck. I'll keep you updated once we start potty training Kate for real on the riveting score between the two of them.)

She doesn't shed too much (yet...I know, I know it's coming), she's very soft, and she has that crazy puppy habit of going too fast following somebody and banging her head into the back of their legs instead of going around them like a normal dog. It's adorable and laughably hilarious.

We're hunkering down in anticipation of hopefully a lot of snow in the next 24 hours (and hopefully a snow day?), ready to cuddle and work some more on the not-peeing-on-the-floor thing. Wish us luck. :)


  1. I only hope your experience is better than our failed attempt at puppy parenting =) She sure is adorable though!!


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