The Ash Wednesday post

that you know's coming from all of your favorite Catholic bloggers.

What is it about Ash Wednesday that makes it one of everyone's favorite remembrances, even though it is totally not supposed to be joyful but definitely is still awesome? I think for me it's the start of a challenge - and I love challenges.

I've been rewatching too much How I Met Your Mother. I can't get this phrase out of my head.

But seriously - I think I like Ash Wednesday so much because it's the start of a new season, a new dedication in my relationship with God, a new chance to try something different and shake up my daily routines. I love New Year's for the same reason but Lent has the added benefit of being kind of exclusive and also spiritual so how could it be wrong?


This year I'm giving up pop and sweets (because I have been relying on both of those too much to get through toddler craziness lately, instead of just calming down and dealing with things like an adult), and snacking after dinner. (Guys, my popcorn after dinner while watching TV obsession has grown out of control.) I'm also reading The Way by Josemaria Escriva every night before bed (hopefully taking my time so I don't finish it too soon!)

In other news, my favorite holiday is right around the corner! GALENTINE'S DAY.

I had way too much fun crafting this year and shirked some of my other responsibilities (laundry, ahem) for far too long to get them done. WORTH. IT.

That's all for now - hope you have a blessed Ash Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I love Lent. Like, a lot. I don't know why - I love Advent, I love Lent, and I'm always so ready for it when it rolls around!


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