Kate's favorite books

Every morning after David leaves for work, our routine goes something like this:

1. I hop in the shower, praying the entire time that I don't come out to a tornadic disaster in the form of some mischief Kate and Murph got up to when I was in there.
2. I get dressed, try to kid/puppy proof our bedroom (where my desk is), and then make myself breakfast.
3. I take my breakfast to my desk, wherein Kate immediately runs after me, knowing that I'm a sucker and I'll give her "uh bah?" (a bite) if she begs.
4. I finish breakfast, and Kate deluges me with requests to read "buk?" after book after book while I attempt to also check/read/reply to emails, work on projects, etc. etc.

She has an uncanny affection for a few of her books right now so I thought I'd jot them down for posterity's sake - and for anyone looking for toddler-approved books!

If you click through the links to these books and make a purchase, I get a tiny percentage back at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my writing/book reading habit!

I'll Always Love You by Paeony Lewis

This is a super sweet book about a bear and his mama. It's simple and not too long but something about it Kate loves! She got it as a (late) Valentine's Day present and has read it hundreds of times since then.

Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman

A classic for a reason. We got the board book version at Target for $3.50 and the hours of endless repetition for such a tiny book have made that $3.50 totally worth it!! She loooves it and I don't get bored too easily with it so win-win-win.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

I'm endlessly surprised at how often Kate wants to read this book, seeing as the majority of the appeal seems like it should come from the rhyming and funny words, and she'll just sit and leaf through it with no one reading it to her. Obviously the illustrations aren't half bad but she definitely likes this one a lot!

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

I have lots of memories reading this book as a little kid, so it warms my heart like the sappy mom that I am to have Kate love it so much. So the book makes no sense. Big deal. It's cute and the mama & baby bunny reading together in the chair are adorable.

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

I'm assuming you knew these were a set? I didn't til I had read them back to back and I was like...oh man! this makes so much sense! Anyway. Kate loves finding the baby bunny in the illustrations and sometimes gets him on the first try. Sometimes.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

We got this as a baby shower gift and have loved it to pieces from the very beginning. Kate loves this and the sequels (Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and Little Blue Truck's Christmas) so much that sometimes they're the only thing keeping her quiet at Mass. Totally adorable and not altogether annoying.

Nothing "new" on that list to any mom of a toddler but worth mentioning for my sake and for anyone who's looking to bulk up their kiddo book library. They're all adorable and totally worth the buy!

What books should I be adding to our library? Not that she doesn't have enough already but her second birthday is coming up... ;)


  1. I'm not sure how to set up an account or link an email, so I will comment here:) I am in LOVE with children's book and will definitely need to look into Little Blue Truck. Leah has no interest (yet) in trying to say the names of animals, but works quite hard on the sounds that they make. Now on to books that we love: One of Leah's favorite books before bed is called The Wonderful Things You Will Be. It is absolutely adorable and I love that it's one of her favorites because I could read it over and over again. Another one she likes is called Steam Train Dream Train. It's a cute bedtime story. Alphaprints: ABC is one of our favorite board books. Each letter corresponds with an animal that is made out of a textured fingerprint and other everyday objects. It also has a cute rhyme that goes with the pages. :) Just to name a few!

  2. Little Blue Truck is awesome! I love the subtle lesson and how fun it is to read with kids.

    My all time hands-down favorite children's book is Extra Yarn. Another favorite is Sick Day for Amos McGee. Do you have any of the Sandra Boynton books? Those are great at this age!


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