things that make me :)

thing #1: this girl
Kate got this really cute Vatican flag from her grandparents' trip to see the Pope in Philly this past week. I tried to get some photos of her and the flag together because she was parading around the house with it - but instead she just got super interested in looking at the photos of herself on the screen and making these faces, and then was moving so fast with the flag that all those shots are blurry. This face kills me every time. (I obviously need to work on my photography skills to keep up with my rambunctious and fast 16 month old.)

Poor David is sick with a cold, so last night instead of watching anything "stressful" or engaging, we kept on our rewatch of the Office. And man, the few episodes with Will Ferrell as manager are just hilarious. Even the 6th or 9th or 20th time watching it, I'm still amazed at the hilarity that is his imaginary juggling routine. It's just so genius and so uncomfortable.

There's a great chill in the air around these parts and it's making it hard for me to concentrate on work things. (Or anything that involves a brain, really - I just tried to spell "air" as "are.") All I want to do is sit outside, smell the fresh air, go on long walks, drink pumpkin-flavored things (even if they are iced...), bake fun desserts, and cuddle up under a blanket. I definitely don't want to be inside stuck coding ebooks but, them's the breaks I guess.

Did you see Katrina is hosting the most generous giveaway ever? Check out her Instagram for her hand lettering Etsy, Hatch Prints, and enter! (I'm so so excited for mine, truly.)

Rosie's post about fall clothing reminds me of some holes missing in my wardrobe for the cooler weather. I spent last year getting by on as few pieces as I could muster, because I thought I'd keep changing sizes (darn thyroid!). I loved my cheapo pair of black jeans from Old Navy, but they did wear out relatively quickly so I just ordered these Gap jeans to replace them. And with all of Gap's promotions they were just as much as a pair from Old Navy so I thought it was worth it.

I'm also in need of a good medium-weight jacket for the few weeks of the year it's in-between temperatures in Nebraska. I'm thinking something like this one from H&M - who doesn't love the classic olive army jacket? (Plus an H&M just opened in Lincoln so I can actually go try stuff on before buying! tis amazing!) I also love this quilted vest - much more in line with my budget than those gorgeous JCrew ones.

I should probably stop there and get my work done for today. One more picture just because? I mean, just look at that face!

It's the best. :)