5 TV shows to binge on Netflix

I'm not a partner with Netflix or anything fancy like that. But one of my biggest (and fault-iest) hobbies is binge-watching shows on Netflix. David claims that I do it too much, but I say I should do it while we have time and not waste our VERY PRECIOUS TV watching years. Plus, who knows how many more years things like Netflix could exist? Or how long great TV shows like the ones below will still be being made?? The world is an uncertain place and I'm not taking any chances.

Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a line between having other hobbies and a social life and then also getting to watch TV as much as you could want. I'm no expert - that's up to each individual person. But if you're in need of a TV show to watch, I've got you covered. Don't blame me if you get sucked in!

Without further ado, I present you with my top Netflix picks for you to binge watch t-t-t-today, junior.

1. The West Wing

Before this past year, if someone asked me what my favorite TV show was, I would have replied with my #2 recommendation in this list. And then I watched The West Wing and my life (and reply) was changed. (also, are you supposed to italicize TV shows? I never know the protocol there.)

The West Wing was one of those shows my parents religiously taped on their VCR every week to watch after we were in bed, so when my beautiful friend Katherine was watching it and recommended it to me in college, I was skeptical. My parents have OK taste in media but were never very vocal about it, and we didn't watch much TV growing up. But holy heck were they right about The West Wing. It's everything you want in a political drama - intrigue, double crossing, political scandal, relationships, honesty, and a good hard inside look at the American political system and the way it works.

I was so depressed when I finished it that I debated watching it over again immediately, but then decided that I'm going to make David watch it with me when we're done with our current shows.

Rating: A+++. My all time favorite TV show.

2. Doctor Who

There are lots of people on the internet advocating to watch Doctor Who. Heck, I've even posted about it before. But it definitely bears mentioning again because it used to be my #1 favorite show and just baaarely got ousted down to #2.

I admit, the concept sounds crazy and a little ridiculous. A time-and-space traveling, reincarnating alien who takes humans on adventures and helps people of all kind? Yeah, a little kitschy. But the content, guys, the content. There is no other show out there that tackles so many hard issues and gets them right almost every single time. Respect for life, appreciation for other cultures, the importance of goodness and kindness, life balance, character development - it's all there in one super-long running TV show.

An insider's advice: if you can muster through, start with the episodes from 2005 (called Season 1 on Netflix). It was the reboot of the old DW, and although the special effects are hazy at best, and the plots are a little crazy, the Ninth Doctor's storyline is critical to understanding the rest of the show. 10/10 Whovians would agree with me there.

Rating: A+++. So good on so many levels.

3. The Office

I know, everybody says it: The Office is a modern classic. But they say it because it's true. Whenever David or I are in a rut when it comes to TV, we put The Office back on and we are instantly laughing and reminiscing. That's my favorite part about The Office - no matter how many times you've seen the same episode, it just never ever gets old.

And okay, the awkwardness can be rough sometimes. (Even now when we're rewatching it, I can't sit through the "Scott's Tots" episode. Just can't do it.) But that's half of what makes it so brilliant - it's just like real life, only funnier and more ridiculous. But so relatable. David and I even dressed up as Jim and Pam for Halloween one year:

If you've never watched it, now's the time to buckle down and commit to the funniest 9 seasons you'll ever see. Or heck, maybe it's time for a rewatch?? I won't say what number rewatch we are on now, for fear of embarrassing myself and David. But it's a lot.

Rating: A+++. Best comedy ever.

4. Broadchurch

Okay, here's where I deviate from the popular shows with a hard right turn. My next recommendation for you to watch is a BBC drama called Broadchurch. It's quite different from the other shows I've mentioned because there's only one season on Netflix right now and the whole season is just one storyline spread out through the whole season.

It stars two famous British actors, David Tennant (also in Doctor Who!) and Olivia Colman as two detectives investigating a crime in a small Welsh town. It is so great. It's full of twists and turns and things you wouldn't expect and kick-ass accents and it's just really great. It's not for the faint of heart but it is totally worth it!

I personally can't wait for Season 2 to get to US Netflix.

Rating: A+, fantastic crime drama.

5. Arrow

Okay, this is a CW show - which initially turned me off when my sister recommended it to me. Because lots of times CW shows sound great and then end up ultimately disappointing you. But this one is hands-down fantastically amazing. It tells the comic book-based storyline of a bow & arrow wielding vigilante in a fictional city.

There's an intense backstory which they flash back and forth to, a bunch of really really ridiculously good looking people in it (get my reference?), and d-r-a-m-a like you couldn't believe. It's awesome and the star, Stephen Amell, is awesome, and even if you don't normally like comic book stories I really think you'll like this one.

There are only 2 season on Netflix so far but the 4th season is about to premiere so I'm hoping season 3 will be soon added. I'll let you know!

Rating: A++, so good. (I know, my rating scale is skewed. I just love them all!)

Honorable mentions go to: Parks & Recreation, Agents of SHIELD, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, and The Blacklist. But if I talk forever about TV no one will read this blog anymore. :)


So, there you have it - my personal recs for what to watch on Netflix right now. What's something unique I should add to my queue? Not that I don't already have enough to watch (and rewatch)...


  1. You can't tell me you haven't seen BBC'S Call the Midwives. I don't think I made it through a single episode dry-eyed. Netflix kindly just informed me they have a fourth season now so I'm plotting ways to find an extra hour every day...

    1. My mom has recommended that to me a couple times when I was already in the midst of very emotional/draining shows, so I haven't jumped on that particular TV show yet! It's definitely on my list to watch, though.

  2. You can't tell me you haven't seen BBC'S Call the Midwives. I don't think I made it through a single episode dry-eyed. Netflix kindly just informed me they have a fourth season now so I'm plotting ways to find an extra hour every day...

  3. I triiiied Doctor Who and was left questioning what I was missing. ??? It was the episode where the manikins come to life. So so soooo weird.

  4. I can't watch Scott's Tots either! I just (as in two nights ago) finished The Office. I love season 9.

  5. We have SUCH different tastes in TV. I could not watch any of these shows, lol.

  6. Arrow is our love! And, I hate to admit it, but I never got into Dr. Who...don't throw things at me!

  7. And also, I cannot sit through Scott's Tots either!

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