Farmhouse dreaming

Last night we got to spend some time visiting my uncle, who's the pastor in a small town parish in Mead, NE. It's a super cute little small town about an hour from our house, and although he's been there since June we hadn't made it out to visit him yet.

It was great to catch up but mostly just reminded me how much I'd love to live in the country someday. I know we probably won't ever move to a small town too far from Lincoln, because David's job requires him to be somewhat close, but I keep dreaming of finding an acreage somewhere near and fixing up a farmhouse and letting our kid(s) run crazy outside without fear of cars or small fenced yards or neighbors besides grass & cornfields.

It's one of those stereotypical desires that I think everybody gets at some point in their life, but only the lucky few get to actually achieve and live it. I'm gunning for it either way because a girl can dream, right? And what are long Sunday evening drives watching the sunset for besides planning your dream acreage & farm?

I mean, just imagine watching a summer thunderstorm roll in from a view like that! Incredible.
There's something so idyllic and so, well, quintessentially Midwestern about the whole idea of living on a farm. I don't think we'd ever be adventurous enough to start farming or homesteading ourselves (I mean, I can't predict the future so never say never, right?) but I can definitely imagine having a big garden, a nice wraparound porch, and maybe some chickens or a cow.

Kate's already got a bunch of animal noises down; she's hindranced slightly by the fact that every animal she sees (including my uncle's two very cute yet unfriendly cats) is 100% a "puppy" but we could always work on that. Especially if we were around them more!

Something like the above (house tour located here, try not to drool) is what I'm dreaming of right now. And speaking of those I'm sure lovely bedrooms up on the second floor, David and I had this conversation discussion last night: why doesn't anyone who builds a house include a second story anymore? My parents' house was built in 1910 and has 3 stories plus a basement (so yes, 4 in total) and I loved that as a kid and still love it now. David's family home has two stories and it's somewhat new-ish, but every time we drive through a new development in Lincoln or anywhere near here, it's one giant first floor and nothing else (if anything, maybe one gable in an attic if that).

It makes me so sad! If we're ever able to build our own home, a second story for bedrooms is a deal-breaker for me. Our one conclusion was maybe that family sizes are smaller so why bother building a whole second story just for bedrooms if you've only got a few kids? But even so there's something so majestic about a bedroom on the second floor (or third floor!!).

I mean, come on! So beautiful! must. stop. drooling. (source)
Anyways. Thanks for sticking through this long and pointless post as I try not to think about the looming work week ahead of me and the fact that I have about 3 weeks of laundry piled up in the basement just waiting for me to wash, dry, fold, & put away...