7QT #40: baby fever, 9/11, & the Blacklist

Joining in for another round of quick takes - hooray, it's Friday!

This week, although starting with Labor Day, has seemed sort of like an eternity. Kate's been teething and really clingy all week, so I've been trying to limit the cursing going on inside my head and just tell myself that she goes through these phases, but it hasn't been helping my attitude a whole heck of a lot. Suffice it to say that we are all pretty excited it's the weekend around the Gokie house.

Although, looking through our family photos whenever she was especially fussy helped a bit. She pointed at herself and said "baba?" about a hundred times. Pretty adorable. Also we're visiting the in-laws this weekend so we'll get a bit of a parenting break - yay!

Just one year ago today was this picture! Oh man, I can't believe how different she looks today in comparison to this squeeeezable little chunk.

Oh man, looking at that picture is giving me all kinds of baby fever. She was just so squishy!!!

In more somber news, today's the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centers. Every year when the anniversary comes back around, I can't believe it's been x many years since it happened. I was only in 5th grade (wow!) then, but it feels like yesterday.

If you've never read it, every year on the anniversary Ari Fleischer, who was the White House press secretary at the time, tweets a pseudo-live timeline of what he remembers from that day. It's really worth checking out if you've got the time - I started following him a few years ago for this very thing, and each year it's amazing to see it from his perspective.

In more exciting news - it's finally jeans & a tee weather around here! Even though I could probably get away with shorts today, I broke out the jeans just to celebrate the 50° temps this morning.

I put Kate in leggings for the second time in the last 3 months this morning, and she keeps grabbing at her ankles confusedly, wondering why there's a bunch of fabric down there when usually her legs are free and bare of any hindrances. It's hilarious.

I decided to start Insanity this (coming) week! Sunday is my first day so wish me luck. I'm excited to push myself to do something that I think, at least, will be harder than P90x3. The workouts are longer and there are like, zero breaks, so I'm curious to see how I'll fare.

Don't worry, next week I'm sure I'll come and post about how sore I am and how much I regret doing it. Always exciting stuff around here.

Kind of related, but does anyone else use MyPlate on their phone to track calories? I've started doing that in the last few weeks and I really love it! You can even scan the labels of food you're eating and it automatically inputs them into your day. Technology, man. (You can do it online too, but since I put it right next to all my favorite apps on my phone it's hard to ignore that way.)

On to a VERY IMPORTANT topic: TV shows. I just found out that Parenthood's 6th (and final) season is finally finally finally coming to Netflix -- on September 25th! I've been waiting and waiting forever, it seems like, for it to get to Netflix. When it was on TV last year I tried watching the episodes late on Hulu, but our internet connection was so bad and the commercials were so dang often that I just gave up and said I'd wait til it came on Netflix to finish it out.

Man, was my patience ever tested saying that. I didn't expect it to be this long! But now, after forever, it's finally coming. I set an alert in my phone already.

I also started watching The Blacklist on Netflix a couple days ago, and then promptly stopped and re-started re-watching it with David last night because holy heck it is so good!

I've seen ads/people proclaiming how good it is over the internet  and didn't believe them -- but man, it's awesome. So far I only got through like, episode 12 or something, so don't spoil it and tell me it gets way worse from there, but it's great so far.

Like I mentioned earlier, we're headed to Columbus to spend time with David's family this weekend. Should be a fun weekend - with hopefully a Husker win to make this one a litttttle bit better than last. (Don't even get David started, okay?) Hopefully your weekend is filled with fall temperatures and relaxing!

Head over to Kelly's to read more quick takes and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Baby fever is so real. Up until a few weeks ago, I knew we wanted to keep having babies...but I just wasn't ready yet. Just recently I'm dreaming of being pregnant again. UGH!

    Zoe did the same thing with leggings. So funny! Yay for legging and jeans weather for all of us girls!


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