happy fall!

Happy first day of fall/autumn/the best season of the year! Around these here parts we've had some lovely thunderstorms and a little bit cooler weather to welcome the new season. Forecast for later today is rain, rain, and more rain which I am 100% in favor of, because rain is the best thing ever. It may not be very "fall" like but I'm okay with that.

In other news, Pope Francis is in the U.S.! I cried like a little baby out of...joy? fear? excitement? when I watched the clip of him descending off the plane at Andrews AF base yesterday morning. I've been hungrily reading all the snippets I can on Twitter and Facebook of my lucky friends/family who are seeing him in person because I'm pretty jealous that I'm not there. Maybe I'll have to take a trip to Rome to see him sometime since we missed him here...

Totally not related but Artifact Uprising is having a 25-free-prints deal going on right now! Click here (bit.ly/FreeSquarePrints) and you should be directed to enter your email, and then they'll email you a code for the promo and you just have to pay shipping! I've never used them before but a company is doing the right thing by enticing me with free gorgeous square prints. I'm already hooked.

Kate's been getting some pretty funny mannerisms lately. She'll do the arm thing above when she's just playing around and when she's concentrating on something very seriously - twisting her body and reaching the opposite direction around things just for the heck of it. It's so fun to watch her little personality develop more and more every day. 

Last night while David and I were getting ready for bed, we heard some rustling around in her crib. There were then some incoherent babbles, which she does occasionally - we can't tell if it's talking in her sleep, or she wakes up and talks and then falls right back asleep. Last night though was the cutest thing yet. She babbled for a bit, then said very clearly, "Lola?" (which is her best friend bunny she takes and sleeps with and cuddles with everywhere) and then we could hear her grab the bunny, turn over, and then go completely silently back to sleep. It was so cute! 

How do you like our new trippy rug? I spent hours and hours searching on RugsUSA.com over many weeks and finally found this one. It's a flatweave so we did have to buy a rug pad for underneath it but I love it! That and the new wall color in our living room (I will take real photos of it sometime) makes it allllmost done. I just need a gallery wall on one side and then I think I'll be happy for awhile. (David sure hopes so, that is...)

Nothing much else to report around here. Enjoy a PSL if that's your thing for celebrating the arrival of fall (I'll stick with my iced coffee, thank you).


  1. Those mannerisms crack me up! Love the new rug as well! We recently got one and ended up buying carpet padding from Lowe's to put underneath as a cheaper alternative. It ended up being a lot cheaper because they mischarged me ;)


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