sleeping baby monday

This post of sleeping baby pictures courtesy of a weekend filled with too-short and too-interrupted naps.

When Kate was just a wee babe, I swore I'd never wake her up - no matter how long she'd slept, I figured if she was still asleep, she needed it. But now that she's a toddler I've lightened up a bit because she's sleeping a solid 12 hours per night and is less angry if we have to wake her up to go somewhere.

This weekend was nap after nap of having to wake her up - her finally falling asleep right before we needed to go out of town, a social commitment we couldn't be late for, and a nap where I was holding her and couldn't feel my left arm for the life of me after a solid 45 minutes in my arms.

Is there anything better than sleeping baby pictures? I could just stare at these for hours and hours - so I thought I'd share them with the world.
Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. All I do in my parish is sing once a month with a group... which is nice because then I recognize some people at mass, but they're also all at least 25 years older than me, so I'm not really "building community" or anything by doing that. It's so hard! I try to always listen to Catholic radio on my way home from work which keeps my mind thinking about things but doesn't create community and the radio can't really "challenge" me to live better, ya know? I definitely wish I had been more thankful for Newman in college! Do you and David do anything together to focus on God?


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