When I grow up...

When I was little, I wanted to be either a librarian or an astronaut when I grew up. Or maybe an astronaut who started the first library in space. (I was ambitious, okay?)

I loved to read: bam, librarian. I treasured my trips to the library where I could pick any book and take it home with me! I was one of those kids that when it came time for bedtime, my mom and dad would have to tell me to put the book away and go to sleep. I became pretty sneaky about hiding under the covers with a flashlight and listening to make sure I wasn't caught. Yes, I was a huge nerd but I enjoyed it, so that makes it un-nerdy, right?

I've also long held a fascination with space - only amplified by my serious obsession with Doctor Who and other sci-fi works - but it started a long time ago. For awhile at my parents' house I lived in a room that overlooked a part of our roof, so you could remove the screen, sit on the roof, and stargaze. I loved doing that on warm summer nights - there was something extra magical about seeing just a tiny sliver of the sky, from right outside my bedroom window.

And look at me today: I am neither astronaut nor librarian. I'm a freelance e-book coder that works for a small university publishing house, and I stay at home with my beautiful daughter.

Sure, I still love to read, and I try to maintain my own "library" of books, mostly preowned and well-read from my English degree in college. I treasure the chances I get to browse our local library, still reveling in the fact that I can pick up books and read them for free! With just a simple card! And sometimes I can even do it from the ease of my Kindle. (Definitely couldn't have imagined that when I was growing up.)

And I still love space - just ask David, I can get truly obsessive about it. I follow NASA blogs, and watch Doctor Who religiously, and try to keep up with the latest discoveries as best I can (for someone who doesn't really understand a lot of science). Stargazing has and always will be one of the most fun things to do on a summer night. And yes, I may or may not already be planning to visit the moon whenever personal space travel becomes a reality. (I'm banking on during my lifetime - don't disappoint me, world.)

Perhaps it's not quite what I had imagined when I dreamt of my future back those many years ago. But I honestly wouldn't trade what I've got right now for that fairytale vision, no matter how much it might have appealed to me back then.

Life is changing, and fluid, and truly unpredictable. Perhaps I'll end up a space librarian. Who knows? But right now I'm thankful for where I am and what - and perhaps more importantly, who, I've got.


  1. I think just being able to share your love of books & space with Kate and any future children is a great fulfillment of your childhood dreams! After all, the space program *is* pretty competitive ;)


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