7QT #32: getting old, hipster music, and movies

Whew, it's been awhile since I did a 7QT post, hasn't it? Posting late means I won't get those coveted top spots in the linkup, but oh well...

I realized in the last couple weeks that I'm no longer a college-aged woman, and that kind of made me sad. Took me long enough, right?
I'm working on my first (yay!) freelance writing project, so in order to get some mental space and hopefully concentration, I went to a coffeeshop a few times in the last few weeks at 8:00 p.m., after Kate's bedtime, aaaaand promptly forgot to order decaf with my caramel latte/tea(s).

I spent two or three very restless nights wondering why I just. couldn't. sleep and then I was like, oh yeah, I downed 16 oz of caffeine right before bed, that might have had SOMETHING to do with it....guess I'm officially "old" now, huh? So that was a little depressing.

Note to self: you are no longer 20 years old. At the ripe old age of 23, you must stop drinking caffeine after 8 p.m. Get it together, Hannah.

Besides my writing project, life has been a wee bit crazy around here recently. David worked late every night this week (yucky), and I went to Red Cloud (Nebraska) to help my aunt and uncle clean up a house they're selling (if you're interested in looking at houses, it's right here.)
unrelated cute picture! yay!
Tonight we're headed to a Husker baseball game with David's family, and we're having dinner with friends tomorrow night. I'm hoping next week will be a little less insane!

Has anyone else heard of or listened to Gregory Alan Isakov? He's my current jam on Spotify, partly because he's coming to Lincoln next month and I was reminded of how much I love his music. I really really want to go see him live. My sister saw him in Omaha last year sometime and said he was amazzzzzing, and it's been too long since I've been to a concert.

Tickets are also only $20, so that's a huge plus. Originally David and I were going to hit up one of our favorite country artists, Jon Pardi, at the country bar in town - but by the time I got around to buying tickets, they were sold out. (Small venue so understandable but come on!)

I've seen only a few "real" concerts in my life - The Decemberists being the all-time best live show I've ever seen when I was in college - with Caitlin, obviously, and another friend Kfen. (if you ever get the chance, SEE THEM!)

Small disclaimer: I have pretty hipster taste in music. So I don't take any responsibility if you click on those links and hate their music.

Kate turns a year old in just two short months (ACK where did time go??) so I'm hard-and-fast starting to plan her birthday bash. Some things I've been inspired by on Pinterest lately:

We have SO many mason jars left over from the wedding (via)
Nacho Party (via)
Perhaps on our garage wall? (via)
I'm looking forward to getting a little more into the details, although we don't have a date picked out yet! I'm thinking it'll probably be our immediate families and some friends, and maybe not much more than that.

David, when I suggested that we needed a first birthday party for Kate, looked at me like I was crazy. So that was funny. Anyone else have husbands react like that?

Here's another cute pic of Kate I haven't had the chance (ahem, excuse) to post on the blog yet:

What's your favorite at-home lunch meal? I have this bad habit. I start eating something for lunch, and then I eat that same thing for lunch for a month or two in a row. And then I'm totally sick of it and have no other ideas or things to eat in the house because I've been stuck on that same thing.

The last couple months I've been on a steady diet of turkey/ham/chicken wrap + cheese and fruit for lunch. And now I'm pretty tired of it (besides the fact that it doesn't work for lunch on Fridays). I've experimented before with salads, or microwave meals when they're on sale...but I'm looking for something besides those.

I'm not big on spending time actually MAKING something for lunch, so the easier the better. Hit me up.

I want to rent Into the Woods this week, because I want to see if it's anything like the Broadway version. I didn't see it in theaters but the trailer really confused me because the Broadway original version is HILARIOUS. Like, laugh-out-loud making fun of fairytales hilarious. And the previews for this new one seem like...well, serious and depressing! So I want to rent it and see which is right.

I also want to go see Cinderella in theaters, but I'm having a hard time convincing David that it's worth it. What else have you seen movie-wise lately? We're in a bit of a rut, and I'd love a recommendation.

Have a fantabulous weekend! linking up with Kelly!


  1. My husband also thinks the idea of a first birthday party is crazy...

  2. Hrmmm, lunches. My easy go-to's are smoothies... frozen banana, fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, sometimes peanut butter. BAM, done. I also like doing cheese with crackers and hummus with carrots as a full lunch. Anything else I do usually require a fair bit of effort. Or I just eat last night's dinner leftovers.

    I thought Into the Woods was good, but not fantastic. I'm curious to know what you think! I had actually never seen the play, so I rented it on iTunes after I saw the movie in theaters and you're right... it's a fair bit funnier. The movie *was* serious and dark, for the most part.


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