A home improvement project + crowdsourcing

First things first: home improvement.
It's been awhile since David and I tackled a home improvement project. We've been crazy busy and also off-and-on under the weather for what seems like the entirety of 2015 so far, so projects are the first thing to go. Although if I think about it, it's been even longer than that since we started and completed a full project, I think.

Anyway. We went to Menards (our home away from home) last month, and got a deal on a brand new microwave, and now we finally got around to installing it! Yay!

we so fancy!

Things to note about this project:
1. Our previous microwave was the one David's older brother took to college with him, circa 2006 I believe.
2. The old microwave had stopped turning, therefore you had to move the food inside halfway through cooking otherwise you'd end up with half burnt, half frozen food every single time.
3. Even if the rest of your appliances are white, you still have to buy a stainless steel microwave if the deal is a $100 rebate. Yes, you really do.
4. If your kitchen is appliqued with faux half bricks that were mortared into the wall and then painted, you will not have fun taking them OFF the wall to get to the plaster/lathe wall behind it. Trust me on this one. But it will be fun to discover all the many varied colors beneath those bricks, including bright red and a mint green among them.
5. Sometimes, it's actually important to read the directions and follow them exactly, so your darn microwave will be able to fit on the wall you spent so long prepping & drilling into. (That one falls on me...ooops.)
6. Plugging in your microwave might come as an afterthought - as in, we've got the thing installed and let's just casually run this line down outside the microwave to the plug that's over the counter like 3 feet away because our kitchen was built in 1930 and didn't have a plug in the counter above it...
7. It's really a satisfying feeling to take off that protective blue plastic stuff off your microwave and see new shiny stainless steel underneath.
8. Popcorn out of your new microwave is YUMMY. And isn't half burnt or totally undercooked! 
Totally worth the time we spent installing it, even if it was half a day longer than we planned.

Next item of business: shoes.
So, my beautiful and wonderful friend Katherine is getting married in like, 47 days. I'm super duper excited for her wedding, which has been a long time coming, and is now finally right around the corner!

Buuuut I realized the other day that I do not have shoes yet to wear to her wedding. She suggested grey/gray heels or wedges, perhaps with a sandal bend, to go with her purpley-lavender bridesmaid dresses. I love wedges, and I always need more shoes (who doesn't?) but I'm having a hard time deciding or finding something I like this time around.

So far these are some of the ones I've liked:

top left
top right
bottom left
bottom right
Top left are probably too gold colored and too pricey ($90, free shipping), top right are too casual and not even all the way gray ($40, free shipping), bottom left are Madewell so they are too pricey but super cute ($108), and bottom right are probably too casual and not all the way gray ($90, free shipping).

I'm obviously into that wide strap fad thing. I found the perfect pair that I would buy if I were a billionaire - Neiman Marcus for only $1,725.00!! What a steal, right?

I also found these ($30, way more my price range) on Amazon, but I'm wary of buying shoes on Amazon because I never have? And it seems strange? But they are probably too casual too. URGH. #firstworldproblems

So my question to you is: worth it to spend a little extra for something I'll wear again? Or should I just find something cheap and deal with it? What are your thoughts on the ones above? How casual is too casual for a summer wedding? Where do you shop for shoes? I've tried everything I can think of...Amazon, ShopStyle, Macy's, Famous Footwear, Target, Madewell, Pinterest, Payless, etc. etc...basically...help!

Welp, Kate is crying to get up from her nap, so I'll bid y'all adieu. But seriously...I'd love your help if you can!!


  1. Totally in LOVE with the Madewell sandals. But why do they have to be soooo expensive? It might be worth it if you can get the next few summers out of them. And you prob could considering the usual high quality of their stuff. Anyway, I imagine you tried DSW, right?

    1. Ok, so Facebook totally read my brain, or I guess your brain through my brain, and just advertised these to me: http://www.solesociety.com/danna-aquatic-blue-coral.html?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=fbk&utm_campaign=lalr&utm_content=022315_danna

      Not sure if they would work because of the pink piping, but I'm loving the look! And the price isn't *that* bad.


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