Spring feee-vah & busyness

We had a pretty gr8t, if busy, weekend.

David read for a wedding of one of his good friends, I got a lot of knitting done driving to-and-from Omaha, we went to his great-great-aunt's 100th birthday party, saw a lot of college friends, tried to prevent Kate from eating everything in sight that was totally unsanitary, and we all spent a lot of time appreciating the warmth and the sun and the spring-ness.

I even curled my hair (well, straightened then curled...oh ye of thick and curly hair will understand)! My phone died soon after so I didn't get a lot of photos. Also I forgot my camera. #oops

The bride and groom of the wedding were pretty big...umm, nerds? I think they'd be pretty okay with that label, because it was adorably evident in every part of their wedding, including the centerpieces. The groom designed and then built these Lego+plastic towers that were on every table, and then each table was told to take them apart and build something else.

We were there until the very end of the night, and this is what I made, on the inspirational prompting of "Barney" from David:

It was a rather limited color selection but hey, not bad, right?

Also, the couple picked Pi Day (3.14.15) on purpose because, nerds, served pies for dessert, and had pizza delivered at 9:26:53 (3.141592653)...yep. They were awesome.

This week will be another crazy one for us - we're headed to Denver on Wednesday to celebrate the Perpetual Promises of one of David's brother Michael's fellow Sodalits. Hopefully we'll do a little mountain-seeing and not miss too much of the glorious weather here (88° here right now, that is not a joke!). Although I'm sure the temps there will be great too.

Then this weekend is my sister's high school production of Once Upon a Mattress, and some friends coming in from Des Moines.
And there are probably like 10 other things I'm forgetting to mention because that's how scattered my brain/calendar is right now.

What is it in the spring air that makes everything happen all at once? I suppose that's the trade-off - nice weather for absolutely no free time. I'll take it any day.