Chores and joy

I've probably mentioned it on the blog before, but David and I have this glorious chore arrangement in our marriage. It's really simple, and cuts down on a lot of vocal procrastination, even if it doesn't cut down on the actual procrastination.

David does the dishes, and I do the laundry.

Simple right? Easy to remember. No worries about certain days of the week, or thoughts about perhaps you forgot to do something you meant to. It works out extremely well because we're both very passionately caught onto our own chores. (Or maybe that's just me. Have to wait til David starts a blog to find out his opinion, I guess.)

I like doing laundry - the folding in neat piles, the feeling of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, the quiet hum of the machines (or loud clunking, depending on what you're washing), the fact that the time between loads almost forces you to procrastinate.

I hadn't done my share of laundry in awhile, so this weekend I did 7 or 8 loads in a row. I caught myself waiting for a load to finish downstairs, and snapped this quick picture of our clothes all hanging up in a line.

Tangent: I'm hoping to convince David to give me a clothesline outside instead of our basement one this summer, but he insists it will hamper sports in our backyard. I imagine myself like the pioneer women of old, clothes snapping in the wind, some days hurrying to get them off the line before a thunderstorm rolls in, or early summer mornings with Kate beside me in the grass, dew on our feet. He doesn't get the romance of it at all.

 As I pondered the nice look of our clothes all together there, different colors, fancy shirts for David to work in, a dress I wore to a wedding last week, my new favorite shirt, the various piles of laundry still to be washed on the floor, and I took a breath. I looked at these simple things and thought to myself, "how lucky am I that this is my life?"

Simply being able to own a washer and dryer (new! brand new!) in our house, having the convenience and the money to wash as much and as often as we need, the leisure to do it in my own time, the space to spread it all out in, and that I get such simple pleasure out of it filled my heart with gratitude.

If I were the one doing dishes, I can guarantee you my thoughts would not be so charitable. I cringe just thinking about it.

Even though it's never-ending, and sometimes monotonous, I really am thankful for the chance to do laundry.

Hope you're having a great start to your Holy Week. I know I am.


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