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Okay, it seems like my blog has taken a turn towards the shopping side of life recently, but I couldn't resist doing another "fashion" post today.

But this one isn't for me - it's for Kate, so I feel a little less bad about it. It's been since Christmas since I put together a "wishlist" for her, mostly because I've been trying to avoid browsing my favorite websites for cute stuff for her to save money.

But I just filled my cart up on Old Navy with 15 different things for Babycakes (okay, there are a few things in there for me, but just a few) and I thought "I just have to share these" because there are some stellar deals going on right now.

Oh, and I also bought her two headbands (Etsy) and two pairs of shoes (Zulily) in the last, like, 48 hours. Oops.

Anyway, I didn't actually click "purchase" yet on my OldNavy cart but rest assured, a few of these are definitely going to be purchased. And probably going into her Easter basket.

Hey, it's not my fault she grows out of clothing so quickly! Right? right?

left ($9.10)
middle ($8.00)
right ($7.70)

I love love love the striped dress here, because who doesn't love stripes on a cute little girl? Plus, it has a fake pocket. Yum. The middle one is super practical for summer because it's jersey material and not too expensive, so she can wear it all the time and I won't be upset if it gets ruined. The one on the right is on backorder right now, understandably so because hello, so cute!

left ($7.70)
middle ($10.50)
right ($11.00)

Rompers are just freaking so cute on little kids. If I were younger, I might have to buy or make myself my own romper -- heck, I was eyeing this one for myself, I'll be honest with y'all. I love all these floral prints in general so these were obvious picks!

Headband via PoshPeanutKids on Etsy ($4.95)
Headband via Princessory on Etsy ($3.99)
SKYE slip on via Zulily ($5.99)
Petalia Sandal via Zulily ($8.99)

Kate's quickly outgrown all of her headbands minus my favorite leopard print one, so I grabbed some more on Etsy quick this week. (I got the gold+black striped one and the blue+white striped one.) I'm also dreaming of when she starts walking! outside! and needs shoes, so I snapped these two pairs up on Zulily today (not many sizes left, so grab them quickly if you want 'em!).

I also may have grabbed this dress for myself at Old Navy (a steal at $15.00!!). And I told myself I have to try on the chambray romper in a store before I allow myself to purchase it. (Is 23 too old for a romper? probably.)

UPDATE: I couldn't get the Old Navy shopping cart to load for a day, so I waited...and the 30% off most things turned into 35%! So sometimes it pays to have crappy internet/a faulty checkout. Saved me $5! (To fix it, I went to Gap's website and then just clicked "checkout" there after trying it like 20 times on the Old Navy one. Worked like a charm!)


Also, in case I haven't mentioned it here for awhile, my beautiful friend Caitlin and I are the two authors of another blog, Two Catholic Girls. If at times this seems like 1000% a mommy blog, with a heavy emphasis on shopping addiction, it's because I tend to focus my more serious writing over least, when Caitlin reminds me to post there, anyway. I just posted the other day about how Lent kind of sucks, and Caitlin wrote a great one recently about how St. Joseph got her a husband. If you're looking for another blog to add to your reader, check us out! We'd greatly appreciate it. //end of self-promotional rant//

How's your Thursday?


  1. I just can't even look at clothes for little girls online anymore... Too hard not to buy all the things!

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