Valentine's Day goodies

So, I'm a bit of a flake when it comes to Valentine's Day.
I used to tell David that I didn't like Valentine's Day, mostly when we started dating, because I really wanted him to like me and I didn't want to seem needy. (I am never, ever going to live that down. Really, I won't.)

But secretly, I really like it.
I'm not necessarily a fan of how commercialized and money-centric everything is now, but I see nothing wrong with taking a day (or two - including Galentine's Day) to tell people that you love them.
It's a good thing.
St. Valentine would approve, I just know it.

So, how about some Valentine's-Day themed gifts, for anyone still looking for some ideas? (No affiliate links, just things I've been curating from around the internet and thought you might like.)

$50 for regular bouquet - but 10% off your first order + free shipping if you register!
So, obviously $50 is kind of expensive for a bouquet of flowers, but these are freaking gorgeous, are grown ethically, and I've heard (from multiple friends) that they are a huge bouquet and they last forever. So, worth it? maybe.

{2} Raising Cane's
Well, let's say it straight up here: probably no one in the world has the obsession David and I do with Raising Cane's. But, the point still stands: Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about fancy food. It can be about the fast food you both crave and want to eat all the time no matter time or day. (or is that just us?) Cheaper, easier, and you don't even need a babysitter!

{3} J. Crew robe
I think I might be turning into a grandma, or at least someone who values comfort above all else, because I'll be darned if I don't really want a robe recently. This one from J. Crew looks super comfy and adorable at the same time. Cute and practical gift, right? (maybe more of a girly gift than the others, but oh well)

{4} a favorite coffee drink
I've been on a coffee kick recently - by which I mean I've been craving it like crazy and I am thinking about it all day, every day. Anyone you love might appreciate their favorite coffee drink - or any type of drink or treat, really. Plus it's cheap, and is always a nice surprise.

{5} hugs & kisses
So, physical affection is not one of my love languages. Lots of times I put it in the back part of my mind, especially since I'm touched out with Kate all day. But it's a good thing and I need to remember it - so I thought I'd pass along the advice. Give your loved ones a hug and kiss for Valentine's Day, or perhaps do some cuddling and hand-holding.

What do you do for Valentine's Day? Got any secret tips for me?
I love YOU all. Happy Valentine's/Galentine's Day. <3 <3 <3


  1. Ha! I'm laughing at this hardcore because all of this is so meeee!! I want all of this!! Especially Raising Cane's because we don't have one near us. Womp womp. When we lived in TX we tried it one time and I was forever changed, but then we moved shortly after and I haven't been able to get my chompers on any ever since. SO SAD! Can you maybe ship me some? K, thx. Also, THAT ROBE! We are not grandmas for wanting robes!! I love the one you linked to here. I already have a fantastic fleece one from LLBean (which I highly recommend!) so I think requesting another robe would be way too grandmotherly of me, but that one is beautiful! I hope you get it. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Robes are the best. I love being old. Also get pumped because there is a Galentine's day card in the mail for you, yaaaaaaaaaay!


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