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Can I say how excited I am that Katrina and Nell (plus others!) are hosting a Lily Jade link-up/giveaway that involves the insides of peoples' bags?? It brings back fantastic memories of Kendra's link up last year, which still remains as one of my all-time favorite link ups.

What can I say - besides being an avid people-watcher, and a lover of day-in-the-life posts, I can't resist the opportunity to peek inside other women's purses. (Does that make me a creep? I sincerely hope not.)

In case you're curious, here's what was in my bag last year almost exactly at this time. My life has obviously changed a little bit since them (ahem, Kateri, ahem) but lots are constants. Including that Starbucks gift card, which now has like $1.50 on it. I'm a hoarder, obvs. And, it looks like I'll have to turn this into a yearly thing! 

Bag: Target purse turned diaper bag
Wallet: Target
Diapers: Target
Wipes: Target
sensing a theme here?

Onto the nitty-gritty. 

The bag: On a grading scale, this bag probably gets a solid B. It's not perfect, but it's definitely above average. I love the adjustable straps, the fact that it has a handbag handle in addition to the shoulder strap (so helpful when juggling a carseat/baby/etc), and that it closes. However, the inside pockets are pretty much useless because they flop around and don't hold anything, and the storage is somewhat limited because it's not very big. Plus, I'd love a bag that's this size and ALSO zips across the top. Nearly impossible to find.

Deets: wallet, checkbook, blinged out sunglasses that I'm pretty sure I found somewhere? or someone gave to me?, Burt's Bees chapstick (always!), natural teething tablets, a necklace, old movie ticket stubs to the Hobbit, a ticket to my sister's high school choir concert, and...a lone sock. Wah wah.

Diapery-things: Wipes, 7 diapers, and Kleenex. I don't foresee ever needing 7 diapers when we're out, but I'm super paranoid about not having enough. So I always add one or two when we're leaving for more than a quick trip, which is why they pile up. 

Bebe clothes: extra onesie, pair of jeggings that don't fit, and a dress, plus pacifier and bib. Not sure exactly why I have that bib in there but it might come in handy! 

To be honest, usually there's a baby toy or 3 in there, as well as some used Kleenex, a burp cloth, a random snack, old receipts, a pack of gum, and my keys also in there, but I recently cleaned out my purse of the junk on a long car trip so it's not as messy as usual. Also: don't know where my keys are. Oh well, we only have one car anyway and David took his keys with his car this morning, so I'm not too worried.

Tell me...what's in your bag that I'm missing? I'd love you to do a post of your own because like I said...certifiable creeper.


  1. I really love that baby dress! I would wear it. Good luck with the giveaway!!


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