February = Winter. What?

Looks like Lady (Mr.?) Winter finally decided to descend on Nebraska this week...once the calendar turned to February, obviously.

See, January in Nebraska is this tricky thing. Some days, it's frigidly cold and biting and you can't even bear to make the 10 second walk from your house to your car. The next week, it'll be 65° and sunny and the cold is a long-distant memory as you prance about the neighborhood exclaiming how much you love being outdoors.

And then February rears its ugly, cold, miserable head.
It's difficult every time. Even when I love the snow (and I do, occasionally), it's still rough sometimes to be stuck inside after such a taste of the nice weather.

I've never met a February I liked. It's the worst month of the year - sorry, but it's true. It's cold, and dark, and the only holiday is alright but doesn't break up the monotony enough to redeem it.

No matter how fabulous January may appear to be at times, (I know, I know, it sounds backwards) February is always a let down. It's always cold and dreary, and usually is accompanied by feet of snow and lots of dangerous road conditions. In the past, they were somewhat redeemed (for me, at least) by the hope of a snow day or two. Now that I'm past that lovely, scholarly world -- snow days are just distant memories.

To beat the heat cold, Kate and I are taking selfies and spending lots of time staring at the neighbors scooping their snow, or rather she is while I hold her and try to prevent her from banging her head on the glass of our front door.

wow, our bedroom is messy. yikes.
(Oh, and I'm watching plenty of episodes of Elementary, my newest obsession, to distract myself. Totally worth it.)

to sunnier days -


  1. Yeah February can be the worst!! We say that every year and finally this year we are escaping to visit family in California! I can't wait! Enough of this snow and being shut ins!


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