The meh-ness of February

Gosh, this little tiny month is really taking it out of me, blog-wise.

Usually I tend to blog less when either we're super busy or when we're totally not busy and life is just kind of boring. Seeings as it's February, and I've spent the last basically entire month kind of drifting, I think this blog quiet-ness falls halfway in between there.

Work life for both David and me has been pretty darn busy. I'm taking on more projects and more responsibility, including training, at my job, and David's been traveling like crazy (and doing so so well) which means he's been home past 8 every night this week, and will be again tonight and tomorrow.

Kate has been an absolute trooper helping me work more, because she's loving playing by herself even more, and she's pretty much completely mobile at this point! Have I said that on the blog yet? Spoilers for next week's 9 month recap post, but yep - she's crawling! It's slow, and it looks like a worm sliding on the floor rather than a real crawl, but she's doing it. It's really adorable, and makes her able to play and be self-entertained on the floor while I'm at my desk a whole lot easier. (Lots of her movement still relies on turning over, and over, and over until she gets to her destination, but there's definitely crawling in between there.)

and sleeping on her side - so cute!
But February is still kicking my butt.

Everyone says it because it's true: February is by far and away the worst month of the year. It's not the new-ness of January and the promise of the new year, and it's not the hope and maybe glimmer of spring that March can be, either. It's just meh.

I've been trying to combat that with some proactive-ness, in an attempt to beat the bleh. We spent last Saturday cleaning and rearranging our living room, basically deep-cleaned our entire house, organized some of my books, and spent some quality time together on a date to a new restaurant (big deal for us) without Kate. She and I took a walk yesterday because it was a whole 43°, and it was amazing to go outside without having to completely bundle up and hurry out of the cold.

I gave up some food stuff for Lent because it's a big weakness of mine, which means I've been having to get more creative with my meals during the week rather than stick to the same old same old. I'm drinking lemon water which totally makes me feel fancy and awesome, making smoothies, and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. It's kind of rough to switch so drastically but I think it's good for me.

I've been reading like crazy, trying to spend more time in prayer (the BIS Lenten journal has been awesome in that regard) and just in general trying to distract myself from this yucky month. And even though there's only 4 more days in February, I'm afraid my winter doldrums won't go away once the calendar changes. What do you do during the winter to beat the blues? Got any fun ideas for me? I'm up for pretty much anything at this point!


P.S. Sorry this has been a whiny post, but hey - it's my blog, I get to do with it what I want, right? :)